Tunnel that leads to church found under house

Tunnel that leads to church found under house

Tunnel that leads to church found under house

Security units have found a tunnel, which is some 30 meters deep and leads to a church nearby, under a house, which they raided in the Balat neighborhood of Fatih district in Istanbul early Dec. 22.

“The tunnel has two entrances,” an official said.

Police conducted a simultaneous operation against the drug dealers in 11 districts in Istanbul and the southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

Some 500 police officers raided around 50 locations identified beforehand and around 45 suspects were nabbed, the state run Anadolu Agency has reported.

The houses were being monitored with drones before the operation, which was supported by helicopters.

Police were shocked to detect a tunnel under a house in Balat.

According to the officials, the tunnel leads to a church nearby.

The police are “working on the possibility that the tunnel might have been used for illegal excavation for treasure hunting.”

As half of the tunnel was full of water, security units could not reach where exactly the tunnel ended.

Investigation for the tunnel is ongoing.