Togg to be introduced to Europe in 2024

Togg to be introduced to Europe in 2024

Togg to be introduced to Europe in 2024

Domestically produced electric vehicle Togg will hit the roads in Türkiye in the first quarter of 2023 and will be introduced to the European markets some 18 months later following that, says Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş, its CEO.

Karakaş noted that Togg was established to a charging stations company, which has begun work to install 1,000 charging stations across the country.

“The plant in [the district of] Gölcük has capacity to produce 175,000 cars annually. We are taking steps to meet local demand and demand from Europe,” he said.

The test production has begun at the plant, whose construction began in July 2020.

Togg’s SUV model will have two versions with 300 kilometers and 500 kilometers range with 200 horsepower and 4000 horsepower, Karakaş furthered.

“The 200 hp model reaches 100km/h within 7.6 second and the 400 hp model within 4.8 seconds. The battery of this version can be 80 percent charged in 25 minutes.”

Since its inception, Togg is designed to be a user-centric, smart, emphatic and autonomous vehicle, and the product development is based on those concepts, he explained.

“EVs are described as CASE - connected, autonomous, shared and electric. This was not enough for us, so added USE - user-centric, smart and emphatic - and the concept of USE-CASE mobility emerged, which really defines what we are doing. And USE-CASE mobility was registered as trademark globally,” Karakaş furthered.

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