THY’s alcohol policy: Conquest of the Business Class

THY’s alcohol policy: Conquest of the Business Class

Following the decision of Turkish Airlines (THY) to cancel alcoholic beverage services on certain domestic and international routes…

That old question popped up again: “Where are we going?”

My dear brothers and sisters, we are not going anywhere.

It is only the staging of one of these little acts of those who have seized power to show subtly that they have the power.

It is an arrogant attitude of “we are now in charge around here.”

Nothing else.

This is about all, no exaggeration. The thing is this: Some of these guys are flying to Konya or Antep. They comfortably take their seats in business class.

Then they look around and see…

A carefree passenger right next to them who is not aware of the “New Turkey,” who has not even been introduced to conservatism, who does not know what is going on, sip a glass of wine he asked the stewardesses for.

First they kind of quietly say “Oh, my God” to themselves.

Then these thoughts pass through their minds: “Well, we have been in power for 10 years. Are we not able to go to conservative Anatolian cities without wine? What kind of possession of power is this, my friend?”

Then, what passes through their minds reaches the ears of THY executives. And they, for the sake of both “saluting the boss” and at the same time with the perception “that feeling is also what we feel…”

They declare the ban.

And so, they are recorded among those who have conquered the business class.

In short…

This is an act of conquering. But not a complete, planned, locked on act of conquering. It is only the manifestation of the mentality “Why not find peace by making our existence visible in those places where our hands can reach.”

In the small world of conservatives, it is a tiny, small number in the style of “Well, they should refrain from drinking, at least, here…”

The effort of making those around them aware that they are calling the shots here.

Well, what do they gain by doing this? Nothing but the feeling of a small satisfaction, a tiny sentiment of conquering, nothing else…

Well, what do they lose by doing this? They cause a huge loss of confidence, they have a colossal impact on the wish to live together and they disrupt the peace.

Republic of scolding
“Number one” scolds the farmer: “What kind of a farmer are you?”

To the teacher: “What kind of teacher are you?” The same goes for journalists, lawyers, doctors… To the opposition, he says, “What kind of opposition are you?”

How can number two, number three and number four not follow suit?

They also started scolding… The ministers are scolding the people; diplomats are scolding other countries’ diplomats, governors are scolding political party administrators.

The last scolding came from the head of the executive committee of the Turkish Airlines. He scolded his clients with such sentences as, “They ask for drinks maliciously, as if nothing is enough for them.”

In a way, it has come to the stage where you are scolded as a paying passenger of the THY.

Commanders whose names we know and don’t know
Spokesperson for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Hüseyin Çelik has reminded this: “We used to know by heart the names of force commanders. Does anyone know the names of force commanders now?”

It is one of the most significant definitions of democracy: “If in a country the names of the chief of General Staff and force commanders are not known, if their photographs are not printed on papers, then you can talk about a democracy in that country.”

Çelik is right; we do not know the names of force commanders anymore. But we know the names of the commanders, the rectors who are dancing with death in prison, who are kept under arrest till death, those who are only released at the operating table.

In short…

Let’s not brag too much; we are not there yet.
Ahmet Hakan is a columnist for daily Hürriyet in which this piece was published on Feb. 18. It was translated into English by the Daily News staff.