Tender process for yacht port in Golden Horn set out

Tender process for yacht port in Golden Horn set out

The Turkish Ministry of Transportation has initiated a tender process for the Haliç (“Golden Horn”) Yacht Port and Complex Project, according to the Official Gazette, following the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.

The tender documents will be made available for consultation at the Ministry of Transportation headquarters at no charge from May 15, 2013.

Companies which are intending to bid for the tender must pay 50.000 Turkish Liras to obtain the tender files. The amount of the bid bond has been set at 50 million liras. The deadline for the submission of the bids and the conditions required from potential bidders are specified in the tender documents.

No state guarantee

The Turkish Treasury will not provide any guarantee to the winner for its loans nor other expenditures.
The Turkish Ministry of Transportation is rapidly expanding its infrastructure projects, from airports to marinas and highways.

The ministry last week announced its plan to extend the Fenerbahçe-Kalamış Marina yacht capacity from 1,300 yachts to 2,000 yachts.

It aims to increase Turkey’s yacht capacity from the current level of 17,000 to 20,000 in 2015 and to 30,000 in 2023, the year of the Turkish Republic’s 100th anniversary.