Star Wars' legendary ‘speederbike’ becomes reality

Star Wars' legendary ‘speederbike’ becomes reality

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Star Wars legendary ‘speederbike’ becomes reality

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"Speederbike" vehicles, which were first introduced to audiences in 1983 by the hit film “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi,” have become a reality, reported yesterday.

A technology company called Aerofex has reportedly produced a “rotorcraft” vehicle which has a different appearance than the fantastic speederbike, but runs like the one from the movie. Rotorcraft can hover and move in the air as a helicopter with which it uses the same technology.

The rotorcraft can lift itself and hover at a height of about 4.5 meters and reached speeds of almost 50 kilometers per hour.

Engineers have been working on the craft to improve its technology and make it easier to control while flying more stably. The company is also planning to convert the contraptions into unmanned vehicles, which will be safer.

The vehicle was previously produced in 2008 but crashed on its first test flight.