Some 5.5 percent of Turkish companies use AI

Some 5.5 percent of Turkish companies use AI

Some 5.5 percent of Turkish companies use AI

Some 5.5 percent of Turkish companies reported that they use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, up from 3.5 percent in 2022.

Most of those enterprises, 48.4 percent, employ AI technologies identifying objects or persons based on images.

“This was followed by technologies automating different workflows or assisting in decision making with 43.7 percent and technologies generating written or spoken language with 41.5 percent,” said Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), which conducted the survey.

The main reason for not using artificial intelligence was the high costs, said the companies. Around 54 percent cited the lack of personnel with required expertise, followed by incompatibility with existing equipment, software, or systems at 49.6 percent.

The survey also showed that 96 percent of the enterprises with 10 or more employees have access to the internet, up from 85.4 percent last year.

A little more than 40 percent of the companies use social media applications with Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing being the most popular social networks among the enterprises at 89.1 percent.

Around 56 percent said they have a website, up from 51.2 percent in 2021. This is 93 percent for companies with more than 250 employees and 52 percent for smaller firms with less than 50 staff.

Some 18 percent of the enterprises had e-sales through websites, mobile apps, or electronic data interchange (EDI) in 2022. Some 39.5 percent of accommodation and catering firms engaged in e-sales, followed by companies repairing computer and communications equipment at 29.4 percent and information and communication enterprises at 28.7 percent.