Sign coming from cosmic circles

Sign coming from cosmic circles

A woman visiting the Şanlıurfa Museum stood in front of a statue for a while. The top of this statue was like a lion’s head, the mid part was like a human and the bottom had a baby. A snake was around the statue. The visitor stared at the statue for a long time and then moved on.

However, Dr. Schmidt was more careful than an ordinary visitor. He most probably cried, “Oh my God. This is that place. This tree is that tree…” when he saw that design for the first time.

Schmidt spent the fall of 1994 walking around that area. When excavation started one year later, he recognized how difficult his task was. The first hope of finding a major breakthrough came around the end of the 1990s, as some circles appeared in the excavated area. 

They were like a space design. Then they reached those stones. Dr. Schmidt thought of the famous Stonehenge monument in England.

All the stones that were found were “T” shaped. They looked like people with opened arms. They were 5.4 meters high. All of them were staring at circles in front of them.

There was something in those circles and those stone people were like the moths of whatever was at the center of these circles. They were enchanted by it.

Questions were to get deeper and the physical findings were to be intermixed with metaphysical questions.

But before anything else, there was a physical question to be answered: Who brought these stones there and how?

This looked like a simple question but it was not as the stones weighed about 16 tons.

History books and the science of archeology do not have precise information on the taming of the beasts of burden. The only information known was that the donkey was being used as a beast of burden in Egypt around years 3,000 B.C.

There was no strong evidence to suggest that the beast of burden was tamed in these lands that they were from 8,000 B.C. Well, since men cannot move such a heavy stone, then who carried these 16-ton blocks there and erected them?

It was as if the stones had been carried by a divine power and placed there…

In the excavations done, they had found “T” stones but there was no trace of any human beings living there. There was not even one mark that human beings ever lived there: No wall of a house, no stone where they built fire and cooked their meals. Also there were no water sources nearby. The nearest one was 5 kilometers away. While physical questions increased, mystic questions also multiplied and scientific explanations were difficult to find.

As of the mid-2000s, they had gone down quite deep from the roots of that tree.

Circles were followed by circles and they were traveling to the main circle. But they noticed a striking fact those days. The animal figures they found in the top levels were normal for that era. They were very much like the wall drawings found in ancient caves.

However, as they dug deeper, they were appalled. Because the designs they found on the tablets that dated back to 11,000 B.C. were perfect. They were drawn by a master. Also the stonework of the “T” people was also perfect. Who was this perfect artist? How did this “perfect artist” do these drawings?
As they dug, it became darker. What was this place? Who designed this strange venue?

Dr. Schmidt put this note in his notebook: “Every puzzle we solve creates two more puzzles…”

When the 2000s were coming to an end, a new stone tablet was excavated: Dr. Schmidt froze when he saw the design on the tablet. There was a naked woman design there, maybe a woman giving birth. Maybe the first woman. There was a tree and a naked woman…

His Christian memory immediately merged two images… Everything he had looked for was right in front of him now…

The silent lady that drew nobody’s attention at the Şanlıurfa Museum had now started to talk…