Senoussi’s extradition to Tripoli in limbo

Senoussi’s extradition to Tripoli in limbo

Mauritania has agreed to extradite Moammar Gadhafi’s ex-spy chief Abdullah al-Senoussi to Libya to stand trial, Libya’s vice premier announced on March 20. However, a source close to the case said Mauritania has not yet decided the fate of al-Senoussi.

“I have met the President of Mauritania and he agreed to the extradition of al-Senoussi to Libya,” Mustafa Abu Shagur wrote on his Twitter account. “Nouakchott is not in a hurry, in this case all the norms and procedures must be respected. Mauritania will take its time,” the source familiar with the case said.
Earlier, speaking to reporters after meeting Mauritanian leader Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz in Nouakchott, the Libyan vice-premier said only that the president had “promised something positive” in regard to Libya’s request.

S Arabia, Spain demand interrogation

 In addition, Saudia Arabia and Spain want to interrogate al-Senoussi over attacks committed in their countries, a diplomat in Nouakchott told Agence France-Presse.

“He (al-Senoussi) is Libyan and the Libyan people want to see him and assure he obtains a fair trial in Libya. We thus highly appreciate the position of the president who has promised something positive in this regard,” Abu Shagar told journalists.

“It is a historic and brave decision the Libyan people will never forget, because this man was the second most important person in Libya after Gadhafi.”