Project to introduce Latmos rock paintings to world

Project to introduce Latmos rock paintings to world

Project to introduce Latmos rock paintings to world

An international promotional project has been initiated for Latmos rock paintings, which date back to the Neolithic Age and are one of Turkey’s most cherished historical heritage, as they are not recognized internationally enough.

The rock paintings adorning Mount Latmos, where the ancient Carian Trail passes, which is believed to be one of the oldest roads in the world, carry the message of brotherhood of the ancient people to this day.

Nearly 180 rock paintings in various caves on the road between Aydın and Muğla attract history enthusiasts from different countries of the world every year.

The art and promotion project with the theme “Brotherhood Message from Latmos to the World in the 21st Century” was initiated in order to introduce the paintings to the world as a human heritage. Within the scope of the project, rock paintings will be drawn on a 10-meter-long canvas that will be created by painter Ahmet Dilek. Academics, archaeologists and painters, who will be invited from various countries of the world, will leave their footprints on the canvas.

The canvas with footprints and rock paintings will be presented to art lovers in exhibitions and fairs in different countries of the world.

A tour was recently organized to a cave located within the borders of Aydın’s Söke district to promote the project, which is carried out in cooperation with Aydın and Muğla Governor’s offices and Adnan Menderes University (ADU).

During the tour guided by Bahattin Sürücü, the president of the Ecosystem Conservation and Nature Lovers Association (EKODOSD), the participants received information about the ancient rock paintings.

Speaking to journalists, Aydın Provincial Culture and Tourism Manager Umut Tuncer stated that a two-day camp with international participation would also be organized within the scope of the project.

Pointing out that the rock paintings in the region, unlike their counterparts in the world, have metaphorical meanings that symbolize peace and brotherhood, Tuncer said: “People holding hands, families with their children, people dancing... This narrative actually tells us that 10,000 years ago, the people here lived together in peace and with a culture of solidarity.”

“We will have guests from various countries around the world. Our guests will draw rock paintings and leave their footprints on the canvas at the weekend event. With this meaningful project, the message of the rock paintings of Latmos will be conveyed to the world,” Tuncer said, stating that they aim to give a message of brotherhood to the world from Aydın.

Songül Arslan Karakul, an associate professor at ADU’s department of French language and literature, stated that the figures on the rock paintings have a universal meaning and that they aim to recognize the region as a “corridor of peace and brotherhood” in the future.