Participants impressed by strong content, Istanbul

Participants impressed by strong content, Istanbul

Participants impressed by strong content, Istanbul The 4th Game Theory Congress in Istanbul gathered scholars of all ages and fields of study from all corners of the world as the Game Theory continues to inspire a wide spectrum of disciplines.
Participants said they were impressed with the content of the event and the impressive beauty of Istanbul.

YOUNGSUB CHUN: Seoul National University, South Korea

These congresses are very significant for the areas that use the Game Theory to expand. I have found the participants and the content very successful again this year, but some of the questions participants asked were very naive! It is very nice to have economists who received Nobel Prizes and of course John Nash here. Nash is a symbol to us now.

Northwestern University, United States (Mechanism Design)

I participate in the world congresses organized by the Game Theory Society. The content of the congress was very strong this year as well. The atmosphere of Bilgi University is also beautiful, even though sometimes the heat is sweltering. Air conditioners fall short against this heat. Certainly these congresses are very important to explain the Game Theory to the world scientific community, because the Game Theory is not in the place it deserves yet.

Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland

I do research related to the agricultural sciences and I came to this congress to follow usage possibilities of the Game Theory in biological and agricultural areas. This is my first time. The content is at a very, very advanced level, I just could not comprehend some of the speeches. I find the organization [of the event], particularly transportation, very successful, too.

Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

I have followed similar conferences before, but I participated in this congress for the first time. The content is really amazing! Furthermore, you have an opportunity to meet the most well-known names in their fields. This is a great occasion. I am over to start my doctorate. I will draw up a road map for my doctorate during this congress. I did not become acquainted with the Nobel laureates and Nash, but we had a photo taken. I am very fond of Turkey and Istanbul. Your people are very warm.