Özpetek’s new film to be released in Italy

Özpetek’s new film to be released in Italy

Özpetek’s new film to be released in Italy

Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek, who lives in Italy, has said his 13th feature film titled “La Dea Fortuna” (The Fortune Goddess) will be released in Italy.

Sharing a short introduction video of his new film on Instagram, Özpetek created a stir among his followers. In the introduction video, it was announced that the new film will be released on Dec. 19 in Italy.

The film was previously announced to be released in the end of November, but Warner Bros., which will distribute the film, liked the film after watching it and changed its distribution date to Dec. 19, when other ambitious productions will also be released in Italy, too.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Özpetek said that his film will be released with the other important films in the country.

Starring Stefano Accorsi, Jasmine Trinca, Edoardo Leo and Serra Yılmaz, the film was very satisfactory for him, said Özpetek, adding that it is an emotional film.

In the first introduction video of the film, Özpetek also made a Turkish song surprise. Known for playing Sezen Aksu songs in his films, the director used Aksu’s song “Aldatıldık” in the video of “The Fortune Goddess.”

“When I heard this song from Sezen Aksu, I liked it very much. It is going very well. When I read the comments, I can say that it is also very popular in Italy. We have had very good communication with Sezen for years. This has never happened before. For the first time in the promotion of a movie, a Turkish song is played. There are four songs in the film, one of which is Sezen’s,” said Özpetek, adding that the release date of the film in Turkey is not clear yet.