Interesting questions

Interesting questions

A young journalist friend asked me a couple of questions, rather a couple of interesting questions.

What does the word “possession” mean to you? It is a cause behind all enmities, wars and bickering. The world would have been far better perhaps if human greed could have been contained.

What is the meaning of past, present and future? Past is past. Future is unclear -- what it will bring or whether we might reach it. We all should try to make the best use of the present as that’s the only reality.

What’s the film, novel, or play you are affected by the most? Clearly, Siberian Express.

Who was your idol during your adolescence? Without a second thought, Rauf Denktaş. He was my role model. I am so happy that I spent so many years as almost a member of his family. My hero was, of course, my late father, who died at the age of 62 from a heart attack. He spent a life as a civil servant during office hours and as a resistance fighter at nights. I am always proud of being his son, though, in my adolescence, it was my most favorite sport to constantly fight with him.

Where would you have liked to live during your adolescence? Of course, Cyprus. Yet, I always considered Kashmir as a land I am romantically attached to. It was a great moment of my life when I visited the Indian part of Kashmir. Plans to visit the Pakistani section, unfortunately, could not be realized because of the quake that year. Geography is, of course, a reality that we must learn to cope with.

If you were given a second chance, what profession would you choose? My first choice was to become a lawyer like Denktaş, but that could not happen as I could not obtain a scholarship. Journalism was the second option. If now I am given another chance, I would definitely choose to be a journalist again.

What’s that you love and hate most in yourself? Difficult question. I grew up with a resistance fighter mentality. I love to resist, object, and come with alternate ideas. At the same time, however, I am rather prejudiced on some issues. I do not like political Islam. I do not trust Greek political positions, though I have too many very close Greek friends. I spent a lifetime trying to correct myself, to achieve some sort of reconciliation… So far not that successful.
Do I believe in love? I am rather orthodox in man-women affairs. I met my wife 43 years ago in July. Three days later, I decided she is my soul mate. I struggled for years. For almost 40 years, she has been my absolute boss. Can this happen without love and devotion?

What does the “human” word ring for you? All people are born equal. We all have the same color of blood. We feel the very same pain and share joy like any other. We must learn to look at the world without discrimination, whether it’s in terms of linguistic, skin color, religion or ethnicity. A very difficult examination.

What type of person do you dislike the most? The officious people, who are always on good terms with the people in power.

What do you think about smell of cities? Every city has its peculiar smell.

And what music do you like? I love jazz and classical music.

What book are you reading currently? Currently, I am trying to read once again a collection of Edgar Alan Poe’s essays.

Do you fear getting old or fear death? Am I expected to lie? Yet, loneliness is perhaps worse than death.

There were some more questions. I would end with, “What would you like to whisper to the universe?”

For God’s sake, enough with the pandemic.

Yusuf Kanlı,