Fresh vision movement for MHP

Fresh vision movement for MHP

When we review the preparations of the opposition for June elections, this time it looks as if we will see a different sight from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) compared to previous elections.

The MHP will hold its major convention right before the election; for this reason, it will compete with a fresh staff on June 7 after renewing its provincial and district conventions. Because the heads of provincial and district organizations will not be running for office, they will race to prove themselves as organizations.

My impressions after my talks with the MHP administration are that since they almost never had a problematic convention, there is a solidarity atmosphere even in those organizations where different candidates compete. Compared to previous elections, especially in the big cities, the MHP sees this as an advantage because they will be competing with several opponents.

Bahçeli’s wardrobe

It looks as if we will see a more social Devlet Bahçeli, the MHP leader, during the election campaign. He is expected to develop a discourse on the themes of corruption, poverty and separation. 

It seems as if Bahçeli is going to provide images – contrary to his own seriousness – with the aim of strengthening his discourse with visuals and with the thought that especially the media will be interested. For instance, there is a rich collection of local costumes in Bahçeli’s wardrobe. We may be seeing these costumes on Bahçeli, depending on which province he is visiting. It could be the Adana baggy pants or the vest, the octagonal hat or bendy boots,

The matter is of course not only image. Bahçeli will emphasize, persistently, the topic of corruption, stressing this: “We will not speak empty words. We will not say ‘We will rip the arm off someone involved in corruption’ and then later protect them. Everybody should be assured that we will bring anyone, even if that person is the son of my father, who has been involved in corruption into account.

Again, it should be known that the price of all the corrupt acts that have occurred during the ruling Justice and Development Party [AKP] era will be paid. Whatever was gained from corruption will become a resource to create jobs for the unemployed.”

Everybody equal before the law

The MHP, if necessary, will ignore Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu; however, when it is President Erdoğan, they are determined to do whatever it takes according to their discourse, “We are on your back.”

In this framework, for every rally and speech of Erdoğan, Bahçeli will continue to respond in the same town square.

The party also wants to have a richer showcase in terms of youth and women. We will see many more young people and women around Bahçeli, some of them experts in their fields.

With the awareness that the main problem is the economy and unemployment, the MHP has hired experts to prepare projects. These projects will be focused on “finding jobs for the unemployed.”

It has to be accepted that the MHP was freed from street incidents thanks to Bahçeli and his persistence.

This policy will be continued; plus, for instance, there will be a more inclusive stance toward Alevis and Kurds; candidates will be nominated from these segments in places where the MHP is strong. 

The party administration, based on the fact that the most violated principle in this era has been “the rule of law” will propose to the voter a serious “restoration to the law” package.

Bahçeli’s brain team recalled that the MHP’s new constitution draft contained the principle that “every citizen is equal before law,” pointing out that this inclusiveness is proof of an equal viewing of all segments of the society.