Women will save the world

Women will save the world

The largest protest act in the history of the United States occurred on Jan. 21 thanks to women. To support the 200,000 women marching on Washington against Donald Trump, 100,000 women in London took to the streets to show solidarity. In a total of 600 cities across the world, women carried banners that flaunted, “My body, my decision, our power.” 

A survey carried out in 13 countries with a total of 64,000 people show that two thirds of the surveyors believe that if men could think more like women, the world would be a better place. 

People are now tired of the “winner takes all attitude” that men have. Everybody is aware that the people of this world deserve better. 

The survey, which was later turned into a book named “The Athena Doctrine” written by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio, show the level of content of humanity. 

According to the survey, we live at an age of concern. Most of the participants displayed skepticism that their children may not have better lives than them. Some 74 percent of them believe that the world is becoming a more unjust place.   

Leaders and institutions do not have a good record among crucial issues such as unemployment, economic stagnation and climate change; they get involved in scandals and are defeated most of the time.    

Major banks, which were once considered stable, have gone down. 

WikiLeaks has disclosed the skeletons in the closet of governments. Their reports have showed that religious men are abusive. 

According to the survey, since the last financial crisis, people have lost trust in companies, and can only trust one in four companies. When the reasons for this were researched, it was determined that people were not only dissatisfied with their governments and economy but also in general the behavior of men. 

A vast majority of people in the world are unhappy because of the behaviors of men. This is 79 percent in Japan and South Korea. In the U.S., Indonesia and Mexico, this issue lies among two thirds of the population. 
Don’t assume that it is only women who think this way; the dissatisfaction rate about men’s attitudes is about the same among women and men. 

Young people too care more about women’s roles in the society. Two thirds of the youth criticize male behavior. 

We can fairly say that people are unhappy with misogynist thinking and behavior that is currently shaping the world. They are aware that masculine attitudes such as control, competition, aggressiveness and thinking in black and white contribute to several issues we are facing, such as wars and injustice. 

They dream of leaders who would reflect their feelings more openly and honestly, who act according to common sense and not ideology, who instead of standing up for their interests, would introduce long-term solutions. These features are all attributed to women. They find masculine characteristics such as aggressiveness and control in economy less effective compared with feminine values such as cooperation and sharing. 

In the survey, when surveyors were asked on what features should be sought in leadership, success, integrity and happiness, the results showed womanly attributes dominating the responses. For the majority of the people, respect for others is more important than money; kindness and empathy is more important than aggressiveness, loyalty; and usefulness more than greed, corruption and personal interests; and knowledge and influence are more important than richness. 

People believe that women ruling countries could boost confidence and trust in the judiciary and lessen outbreaks of war. 

Another interesting point is that one of the features sought in leaders are again a womanly one - vulnerability. This shows them that their leaders have the courage to be humans and they, also, can make mistakes. 

As a matter of fact, “the operating mechanism” of the 21st century is women’s values.  

The way has to be paved for women in order to achieve democracy and equality, and more importantly, peace. 

Even if you don’t open it, they are leaping into that stage anyway.