Watching these men holding our noses

Watching these men holding our noses

The level of politics has sunk twenty thousand leagues under the sea…

Those who are more royalist than the king are attacking everyone. It has been like this for some time.

Journalist Latif Erdoğan took the crown, sinking the lowest by slandering Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy and former Interior Minister Meral Akşener. He claimed there were video cassettes of Akşener, which were “not suitable for a woman.” 

Apparently, the Gülen Community was using this cassette to blackmail Akşener and she was unable to disobey them. 

It was a chain of lies like such. 

These kinds of personalities like Latif Erdoğan get uglier when the target is a woman. They regard woman as an easy target; they do not see any harm by slandering them with a few sentences spiced with “morality, morals, shame.” 

They do this to the woman politician, woman journalist and woman academic. In short, anyone who is a woman…

However, see that they do not land on both feet all the time. Like now, they went reverse. The slander comes back and bites them. In the end, they end up in a pathetic situation.

Apart from never being credible, Latif Erdoğan also received huge reaction. However, if you notice, these reactions generally reflected the male viewpoint. Meral Akşener was defended by men, particularly emphasizing that she is a moral, honorable woman. 

Akşener was clean and pure… Akşener was a pious Muslim, she was a haji. Akşener was the honor of the Muslim-Turk nation. The “manliness” in Akşener was not present in those slanderers. 

This is what you call a cure worse than a disease. Men hit women from a man’s spot. The reaction to this attack comes again from a man’s spot. This is what “honor” is. The root of the word is “namos,” meaning “power, law.” Its root is “nema,” which is the grazing land owned by a man, including all the animals grazing on it. The essence of honor is the act of owning. The owner is indeed a man. 

When honor is mentioned in our country, women come to mind. Honor equals women. 

Honor is maintained by controlling women. The body of a woman, her hair, her head, her behavior, how she sits and gets up and her talk is the honor of the man. 

If you let women free, that is exactly the name of lack of honor.

Women deserve rape because it is absolutely definite that it is the woman who seduces. If the woman is married off to her rapist or if she is dead, then honor is saved, because who and why would anybody want a non-virgin woman? 

This is the viewpoint. 

Many women in our country are not individuals. They are the daughter of a father, the sister of a man, the niece of an uncle, the wife of a husband. She is his property, under his guidance.

Because the woman is the ordinary suspect, it is the easiest to slander them. 

The shortest way to hit a man, a circle, a community, a family, a city, a political party is through a woman. 

A city where women wander around in shorts lacks honor. A family who raises their daughter free is corrupt.

A neighborhood where women are included at the drinking table is corrupt. And of course, the lamest but simplest way to defame a political party is to say that their woman deputy has sex cassettes. 

Trying to gain votes by slander and lies and by being the morality guardian; trying to score through this is the biggest dishonesty of all. 

Imagine this corruptness has such large dimensions that even the party and its members who he is trying to gain votes for, reacted to him fiercely.  

Nobody is saying politics and its surroundings are a clean place, but this stinks…