Stop terror, burn the bras, free the boobs

Stop terror, burn the bras, free the boobs

I will talk about boobs in this piece. No, not breasts, boobs. 

Those who are embarrassed to say “boob” prefer to say “breast” (“meme” and “göğüs” in Turkish). The Turkish Language Association (TDK) is included.

The TDK defines a brassiere, or bra, as “women’s underwear made of fabric such as satin, lace to suspend breasts and show them round.”

The TDK seems to have adopted a stance in the bra matter similar to those who cannot say “woman” but rather say “Mrs.” (“kadın” and “bayan” in Turkish respectively). 

As if saying boobs is something embarrassing… You know, the TDK protects society’s general customs while conveying information.

Boobs, no. 

Actually, boobs are organs over the breasts. Bras are used to carry the boobs. After making this clear, let’s look into the matter.

The men of this society who have been obsessed with the hair, head, laughter, sitting style, reproduction, miniskirts and marriages of the women of this society are now into interfering with the underwear women wear inside their clothes.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ömer Faruk Aydıner of the Istanbul Justice Palace in Çağlayan snapped at lawyer Leyla Han Tüzel, who reacted to a body search. He ruled, “If need be, you should wear underwear that would not beep.”

What the chief prosecutor referred to, if not panties with bells, is underwired bras.

It looks as if it is men in top positions who will decide what kind of underwear we will wear from now on…

Yeah, right. They have crossed the boundaries way too much; they will hit the wall soon, but they do not know this yet.  

If the phrase “know your place” is not monopolized by some, then I want to use it: “Know your place, gentlemen.”

Do not underestimate women, they will at the very least show you your place.

I have a suggestion. Let us do what women in the West did 50 years ago.

The bra was initially an invention which liberated women from corsets. However, the bras which served freedom at the beginning started taking pointed, conic shapes in the mid-1950s. Thanks to sex goddesses and the silver screen, soon they turned into fetish objects.

With the material used, there were one-type boobs when viewed from outside. All the boobs of women everywhere looked the same. The bra that liberated women in the beginning suddenly transformed into a tool to form the “ideal boob” which men wanted to see.

In the second half of the 1960s, a group of feminist women put their bras in the garbage can and burnt them to protest the male-dominated culture. The bra burning protest went viral.

While the conservatives were watching what was happening with unbelieving eyes, women stopped wearing bras in the 1970’s. Later, there was a return of the bra with the concern that the nipple fetish may spread, but several ways to tell men their place had been exploited. 

Well, if in the courthouse they are interfering even with the bra, then let us put our bras in a garbage can near the justice palace and burn them.

After that, let’s go braless, swaying our boobs right and left.

Let us see what they will say at this.

The aim was not to “beep” anyway.

Let us burn the bras so that terror is prevented in our country.