New Turkey has positions only for theologians

New Turkey has positions only for theologians

Young people of Turkey; keep your ideals unlimited in this country. If you proceed in the “proper” channels, then you can achieve and become anything you have dreamed of. Education and expertise do not matter.

What have we seen in previous years?

A physical education teacher was made chief physician, wasn’t he?

The director of a zoo was made a director at TÜBİTAK, Turkey’s prestigious Scientific and Technical Research Council.

The general manager of PTT was appointed to the highest position in the Tennis Federation, right?
A person who was once a deputy director at the fisheries wholesale market, who later worked at the İETT, then was a wrestling referee at Tekirdağ Youth and Sports Provincial directorate was made the director of City Theaters, wasn’t he?

We were surprised in 2008 that a graduate of the Islam Institute, after working in the Directorate of Cemeteries, the Fire Department and the Solid Waste Management department, was appointed as the director of Istanbul’s City Orchestra.

Now, there is no surprise factor; it has become routine.

The last bomb exploded at Mardin Artuklu University. Mehmet Akbaş, a graduate of the Theology Department, was appointed to take Associate Professor Güner Coşkunsu’s place as Head of the Archaeology Department,

It is common knowledge nowadays that at university social science desks, people who are graduates of theology are hired.

Do not look for science or professional ethics; they do not exist.

In this university, Mardin Artuklu Univeristy, much has been happening lately.

Member of the executive board of the Archaeologists Association Binnur Çelebi said that outgoing department head Coşkunsu was subject to all kinds of psychological pressure and mobbing, that she was worn down spiritually and physically and that she was removed from her position to be replaced by a non-expert.

As if this was not enough, her scientific research had been hindered.

It was this past November when 68 people were detained at Mardin Artuklu University on charges of “providing unjust economic interest, conspiracy to rig, hide and change the bid and abuse of power.” Rector Professor Serdar Bedii Omay was replaced by the dean of the Theology Department, Professor Ahmet Ağırakça.

During these fluctuations, it was expected that Coşkunsu would be returned to her post, but a theology graduate was appointed instead.    

There was an increase in the number of universities during the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) era, wasn’t there?

Did we not hear about the staffing and intimidation policies in them?

Even though the slogan, “A university in every province” sounded nice, didn’t this abundance also bring unqualified personnel?

It is evident that the universities also took their share of contamination and corruption.

In a university, for instance, there are two magazines; they refer to each other constantly in those media. These references can facilitate academic titles.

Or, here is another example: YÖK, the Higher Education Board, has cancelled the accreditation of the internationally accepted IELTS (International English Language Testing System) examination just to block the youth of the “community” from benefitting from it.

In short, dear young people of Turkey, if you want to have a position in this country, ignore the sciences.

Think big, and go enroll in the theology department.

With this career planning, you could be the head of the Archaeology Department, a manager of the City Theaters or a director at TÜBİTAK.

If not, you can be a preacher; I have heard preacher salaries are higher than teacher salaries.
Let your limit be the sky, or not even the sky…

If tomorrow or the next day, this administration decides to send a human being into space, they would only select graduates of theology to board that shuttle.

God speed young people, all the best!