Locked in an anachronistic country

Locked in an anachronistic country

“One day, artificial intelligence will look back on us the same way we look at fossil skeletons on the plains of Africa: Upright apes, ready for extinction.”

If you watched “Ex Machina,” which was screened in the middle of the year, you must have registered this sentence.

If you have forgotten it, please note it somewhere.

Because the day these words will become reality is not that far.

One day robots will look to us the way we look at Neanderthals.

Even Stephen Hawking admitted it; he said he fears that artificial intelligence will bring the end of humanity.

A recent news article published in the papers is titled: “Hawking had warned: And a robot killed a human.”

“Ex Machina” recounts the testing process of an artificial intelligence created by an owner of a search engine. Some critisized it for repeating already known discussions. Yet, we are so occupied with a busy agenda, rights violations and murders in our country that we are not familiar with the issue of artificial intelligence.

But when you become curious and start reading about it, you realize that nothing is left undiscussed about artificial intelligence, from the complex god to rights issues, from the ethics of it to free will. In other words, some have started to construct the road of a future that although might look like science fiction, falls within the probability of reality.

Now let’s turn around and look at ourselves. Look at the anachronistic discussions; we are being trapped.

What a pitiful situation.

Some in the outside world are testing the limits in laboratories, while we can’t even make a film of that.

Please, let’s continue to have the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) remain stuck in the last century; it should continue its stubborn attitude of avoiding the adoption of a changing world and society. It should continue to preoccupy society with such unnecessary topics.

Please. Let’s have the MHP and all others trap us in vicious politics.

Elsewhere in the world, people are designing armies of robots.
Carrying the country into the future

Please, let’s continue to have parties in our parliament that say: “We don’t want the solution process.”

This is much easier. In addition, we don’t have to have a working brain to understand what’s going on in our parliament.

For instance, if the issue on the agenda in our country was artificial intelligence, we would have to get our brains working. Science would not be sufficient. We would have to include philosophy in the discussion. Mind you, we would have to read Wittgenstein. We would have to make our brains work extra time.

Who needs it?

I am afraid this country will not be carried into the future with nationalist feelings, religious generations or residences and shopping malls.

You don’t become a technologically advanced country when a guy who has no money for a bus ticket has a mobile phone.

We are in the space age, but our relation to space is still limited to lying on a beach and watching the stars.


Because there is a parliament, and in the parliament you got all sorts of people; the uncompromising ones, the intransigents.

We had elections. We were happy democracy came to our country. We cannot even experience that joy.

I say artificial intelligence, I say space.

And I know I am saying something stupid.