Was the PM genuine in his criticism of interest rates?

Was the PM genuine in his criticism of interest rates?

Ahmet Davutoğlu is holding talks about his new Cabinet before he takes the prime ministry seat.
He is holding meetings with different ministers and he is trying to shape the new Cabinet.

It is said that President-elect Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s adviser Yalçın Akdoğan is also present in these meetings. Some claim he is present as he represents Erdoğan, but these are just empty rumors.

Davutoğlu knows best why he has been elected: He will never divert from Erdoğan’s instructions. Therefore, there is no need to monitor him with a party commissar like Akdoğan.

Within this framework, it seems that he met Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan the other day. Looking at the news that appeared in the papers, it seems that Davutoğlu gave the message that he would be happy to work together with Babacan and to continue with his economic policies.

If this news is correct - in other words, if Davutoğlu is happy and favors the continuation of Babacan’s economic policies - then this is an interesting situation, because we know that President-elect/Prime Minister Erdoğan is not really in accordance with these policies.

Let’s recall how Erdoğan was angered by civil servants appointed by Babacan to key positions within the economic administration, saying, “Are you kidding me?” Let’s not forget how these civil servants went back on their decision to resign after they were protected by Babacan.

We also know that positive news about Babacan should not be published and his policies have been highly criticized in the economy pages of the pro-government media.

So, in this case, is Davutoğlu playing with fire? Can we say, “He is playing with fire because he wants to continue an economic policy that Erdoğan opposes openly?”

What would you say? Was Erdoğan genuine when he criticized the Central Bank, the Treasury and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK)? Or was he faking it?

I have two possibilities that come to mind:

1. Either he is not happy with the economic policies endorsed by Babacan but has to live with them, which is why Davutoğlu has to work with Babacan.

2. Or Erdoğan is very satisfied with the economic situation but prefers to present Babacan as the person responsible to those who are not content with it, meaning he is playing an electoral tactic.

We can understand which one is true by looking at who will be responsible for the economy in the new Cabinet.

Will Davutoğlu be a pupper prime minister?

Now, will Ahmet Davutoğlu be a civil servant during his prime ministry obeying Erdoğan’s instructions? Or will he be able to act independently?

This is the question we are currently confronted with.

The name of Abdullah Gül came top by a big margin from all the polls as to who should be the next prime minister after Erdoğan.

The margin between Gül and the newcomer was huge, the difference being twofold or even threefold.
However, Erdoğan chose Davutoğlu.

I still have no answer as to why he did not prefer former Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım. But the main reason why he chose Davutoğlu was the shortness of the latter's political career.

However, as he was initially parachuted into the party from above as an adviser, I think he would be a politician that would have difficulty in disagreeing with Erdoğan.