The trailer of the AKP era

The trailer of the AKP era

What we have lived through this past week is the trailer of what we will encounter if the Justice and Development Party (AKP) wins the elections with a one-party majority rule. 

This trailer starts with a janissary march at the yard of the palace; it continues with the images of journalists fired from their newspapers and television stations that have been seized. The violated right of property and the opposition voices trying to be oppressed are among other scenes. 

The spirit of the film’s screenplay is threat, curse, force, violence and humiliation. 

As a matter of fact, the surveys of those reliable companies show that there will not be a one-party rule but we should not forget that the strings are in the hands of a mentality that fires a journalist from his newspaper by police force. 

Those polling station observers and officials should be very careful particularly in those constituencies where small vote differences cause the loss or win of a seat because we know now that there is a team capable of doing anything to maintain their power.

The reason they are getting naughtier as elections near shows that they are very scared. 

The bullying tone of the chief of the crew that attacked our newspaper Hürriyet, the condescending attitude of the trustee wannabe seizing a newspaper and the incompetent who openly writes death threats from his column… These examples show their fear.

They have taken the business to such levels because they are absolutely afraid. If they can, they would cancel the elections and carry out a civilian coup d’état they would initiate one step further but their power ends there for the time being. 

One day, they will not hesitate to try that as well because the entire issue is protecting their rule.

They know that when they leave the government one day, the documents they have left behind them will be transferred to courthouses in trucks. 

They know that the water of the pool will be cut; they will not be able to find any businessman to put on their laps. 

They know that they have to be ruling in order to hide their family-sized corruptions with screams of “coup d’état.” That was the reason why they disregarded the will of the voter in the last elections and forced a new election. Let us see what the voters’ response to this will be.
Take a look at the Trabzon governor and police chief 

I do not personally know the governor of the Black Sea province of Trabzon and its provincial director of security but I can easily say they both look “very cool.” 

For instance, the governor, I am sure, has a giant Mercedes and another very fine SUV. The police director also must have similar caliber vehicles because they are responsible for a whole mighty province. 

I have not seen them but I am sure they get a lot of “air” from these vehicles with their noses up in the air. I am also sure their clothes look spotless, very chick; a designer suit and a tie, absolutely. 

But, despite all this “coolness,” despite all their might, these two individuals with scores of officers at their command could not prevent the taking hostage of five referees in front of the eyes of everybody. 

What they should have done was done by the president and only after this were the referees able to return home. 

What kind of a civil administration is that? What a shame the whole incident is…