The issue of morals and conscience

The issue of morals and conscience

We have been listening to sermons for two days on the “issue of morals and conscience.” He is shouting as if he wants to burst our eardrums, as if he is ripping apart his larynx.

Actually, there is a microphone in front of him; everybody is able to hear what he is saying. For those who cannot hear him, there are also many television channels, many papers, and just as many websites. The same words are pouring onto us from all of these sources as well.

When one hears them so much, then one involuntarily starts thinking.

Let’s take the issue of morals: For example, one should not accept freebees and money from businessmen inside of bags, shoe boxes and chocolate trays. If you are a person of morals, you would learn even before you went to elementary school that you should not do it. Of course, I am assuming you were raised by a good family.

For example, you should not think about putting the man on your lap, the business man who brought the money, the money which you disliked because it was $10 million.

You should not be engaged in any kind of talk, in anyway, about people’s mothers in any sexual context. You should not be involved in freebees, be it a watch, or a trip to Mecca.

Accepting money, the source of which is unknown, to create advantages for certain people, would naturally not be considered moral.

In civilized countries, it is not considered moral either that your sons, who have no work experience, set up foundations, be involved in millions of dollars and stack the money in safes at their homes under the pretense of “counsellorship.” When such offers are made, you should reject them and make those businessmen sorry for offering.

You should especially not eye those summer houses that you cannot afford. You should not assign your younger daughter to mediate those affairs and monitor the construction, because morals are such things that if you use your position for personal interests, then your morals disappear.  

If we come to the matter of conscience, it is a requirement of the Islam religion to feel sorry for whoever has died and to talk nicely about him or her.

If you do not shed one drop of tear over a deceased young child; and, on the contrary, if you have the mourning mother of that child be booed in town squares, I am sorry, but no, at this point, you do not have a conscience.  

It is also not quite a conscientious situation either to define people according to their religious beliefs and to have them booed at town squares because you do not like that belief.

What does not suit the conscience is to say, “What can we do, it was in their destiny,” after people die and try to hide our own responsibilities.

But we live in a strange world. It is always happening like this. Whoever has a loud voice claims that what he doesn’t have is not existent in others either and that a person can find supporters for himself.
Because they are far away from these concepts; they assume that others are as well.

The company’s accounts

The Justice and Development Party (AKP), Republican People’s Party (CHP) and People’s Democratic Party (HDP) have submitted a motion for the investigation of the Soma massacre by Parliament. This is a very appropriate step. The AKP deputies, by voting in favor of this motion can compensate for a part of the pressure of conscience for rejecting the motion for an investigation from the CHP just before the mine disaster.

From this commission, a sub-commission should be formed by deputies who have auditing skills. This sub-commission should audit all of the company’s accounts and find out which foundations, associations and parties this company has donated to up until today.

Not only these kinds of donations, but indeed, it would be good if we learned, for instance, how many tons of rice, how many tons of coal they have purchased to distribute freely.

So that maybe we can be able to learn about the material and political foundations, why the “wild capitalist” practices of this company were overlooked and maybe our people will learn a lesson for themselves from this.

Let’s wait and see…