Shortcut solution to the dual-headedness issue

Shortcut solution to the dual-headedness issue

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has reiterated his wish for a “presidential, semi-presidential or a president affiliated with a political party” system, adding, “It is very important to eliminate dual-headedness.”

Obviously nobody is telling him there is a simple way to solve this issue of “double-headedness,” let me spell it out: Just comply with the constitution.

For instance, during his term as prime minister, we never heard of Erdoğan complaining about the issue. We neither heard him complain nor did we hear the president of the time, Abdullah Gül, complain. This is because both were observing the constitution. The prime minister was responsible; the president was not responsible. 

Everybody was conducting the duty defined for them in the constitution and we had no problem such as “dual-headedness” then. 

For instance, at that time Erdoğan was able to do whatever he wished as the prime minister and leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). 

There was no question of Gül stepping outside the boundaries of his jurisdiction and meddling in Erdoğan’s affairs, meeting world leaders as if he was the only authority.

Once, when Gül interfered when a governor in Ankara wanted to block a demonstration of the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), Erdoğan snapped: “There cannot he dual-headedness within the state.”

If there is a dual-headed image now, there are two people responsible for it.

1 - President Erdoğan, who is eager to live outside the boundaries drawn for him in the constitution,

2 - Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who does not stand up to the powers granted to him by the constitution.

If the former accepts his boundaries and if the latter protects the responsibilities given to him by the nation, there will not be a problem. 

Try it once, and you will see…

Why astonishment? 

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s support among Russian people has reached levels of 80 to 90 percent. There has been a serious long-term economic crisis in that country but the people do not care about it, it seems. 

It is said that his “putting his foot down” attitude, his stance on Ukraine and Crimea and the recent plane crisis with Turkey have strengthened Putin’s position.

And a portion of Turkish commentators are exceptionally astonished by this. 

American presidential hopeful Donald Trump is doing well in his party. It will not be a surprise if he wins. The number of Turkish commentators who are astonished that the American public supports such a politician is quite high. 

In France, votes for the racist, discriminatory Le Pen’s party have never dropped. Turkish commentators, as well as others in the world, are astonished that such a discriminatory and adventurous leader’s party finds public support in France. 

There is anxiety over how people in various places in the world can sympathize and support these adventurous, ignorant, racist leaders and vote for them.

I can understand to a certain extent why the commentators in various places in the world are astonished at this “unexpected” situation but when our Turkish commentators are astonished, I truly, but truly, cannot understand at all.