Lies and fake documents before elections

Lies and fake documents before elections

By now, it has become obvious the theme of this election campaign in terms of the pro-government media will be Aydın Doğan and the Doğan Media Group. You already know the pro-government media is fed by public ads and the “pool” formed through winners of state tenders. It would not write anything unless it has been signaled from someplace.

Whoever gives that signal does not have any moral standards. Lies and fake documents to support lies are frequently used.

This is what political Islam frequently resorts to. They make up unimaginable, incomprehensible lies without any hesitation and they count whoever believes in them as a victory.

One of them wrote at daily Yeni Şafak the other day. Probably you did not read that piece; you only read about the case the Doğan Group was going to open.

According to the accusation, Aydın Doğan has sold land that belonged to one of his publicly traded companies. The sale figure was much bigger than what was declared and he took the remaining part in Cyprus in a suitcase and brought it back to Turkey.

Apparently, they assume everybody is doing what they themselves are doing.

They remembered that in the previous elections, one cabinet minister went to Switzerland in a private plane and brought back suitcases full of U.S. dollars, and they claim Aydın Doğan did the same…  

The type of man Turkish women like

A company that conducts web surveys on various topics,, issued “Turkey’s relationship map” the other day. According to this, 47 percent of women in Turkey like jealous, protective, macho-type of men. The remaining 53 percent prefer romantic guys who are full of surprises!

First of all, let me say this 53 percent has quite a low probability of finding what they are seeking. What a significant portion of our guys here derive from a surprise is a sudden slap on the neck, that’s about all.

A story in the Geo magazine’s April issue said masculine and feminine features attributed to genders were not present at birth but were acquired through the urbanization process.

A study was conducted by a team led by Isabel Scott and Andrew Clark from London’s Brunel University. A comprehensive anthropological study and surveys were conducted in various places around the world.

The finding is that the male and female types that are adorable by western standards are not attractive to respondents who had traditional living styles. They liked those with “neutral” physical qualities who did not have typical features in terms of sexuality. 

Researchers said the “strong and tough man” and “soft woman needing protection” image emerged as part of the industrialization process.

When I read this in Geo, I remembered the survey mentioned above.

I asked myself whether the Turkish women in search of romantic guys capable of being surprising were not affected yet by the industrial revolution.

If so, then 53 percent of the women in Turkey live in another world.

Leaving aside the research, my own point of view is that there is a medium ground between those two types. In social life everything is not black and white; there are shades of gray, if not 50 of them!

There are men who like to entertain the women they love, make her happy, make her laugh as well as be ready to protect her if necessary and they may be extremely jealous.

Who you are likely to come across is a bit of luck and also related to what you are looking for.

Leave those learned, pre-defined roles aside, ladies, and open your eyes.