How did the Turkish president break the Morsi news?

How did the Turkish president break the Morsi news?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in an election rally in the Central Anatolian town Kayseri, said the following: “Mohamed Morsi and his friends, who were elected by the nation’s vote, have been sentenced to death. In Turkey, how did the Doğan Media Group present this news story? It said, ‘execution with 52 percent.’” 

In fact, while he was holding a rally under the cover of an “opening ceremony” in Istanbul’s Sultangazi two days ago, Erdoğan gave the news to the crowd like this: “In Egypt, Morsi, who was elected with 52 percent of the votes of the people, has been sentenced to death. Egypt is becoming Ancient Egypt.”

How should we interpret this? Can we say it is an inconsistency? No doubt it is, we can say that. 

But there should be an explanation of this inconsistency. We are not of equal status with the president before the law. He can say anything he wishes to anybody. We, ordinary citizens, have to think three or four times before we say anything to him. 

Let me just say, “This is shameful,” and keep it at that. I don’t want to be seen at court. 

Exploiting Morsi’s death sentence 

So the elected president of Egypt, Morsi, has been sentenced to death. In Turkey, the president, the prime minister, and the ruling party are rushing to use this ruling in domestic politics. 

They say they have no fear, they are ready to face death, etc. Well, is there a risk of a military coup in Turkey now? Is there a preparation for a coup to be staged and you will be sent to the gallows? 
No, there is no such possibility. 

Apart from the palaver you created to cover up corruption, saying “the ‘parallel structure’ wanted to stage a coup,” nobody mentions such a possibility. Also, nobody has the power to stage such a coup. 

If some people really are preparing such plots and you know about them, why don’t you refer them to the judiciary? 

Don’t fool people with empty words and empty fears. Don’t play politics with Morsi’s death sentence. Talk to the Saudi King and the Qatar Emir to save his life. You are supposed to be their regional ally. Why don’t you contact them to save Morsi, instead of using his death sentence as a political tool? 

Somebody should warn Davutoğlu 

As Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu claims, one month before the coup in Egypt there was a coup attempt in Turkey during the Gezi Park protests. 

The coup plotters were not successful here, because the government stood tall against them “like the Uludağ mountain.” 

“When they couldn’t achieve it in Turkey, there was a coup in Egypt one month later,” Davutoğlu said.

Those with children in elementary school should cut out and keep these words. When their children ask one day what the word “irrelevant” means, show them these words. 

According to the government’s story, a group of people got together somewhere and decided, “Let’s stage a coup in Turkey, let’s topple Erdoğan.” They came here; they tried to carry out the coup but saw that it was not possible. They changed their minds. “It’s not possible in Turkey. Let’s go to Egypt and topple Morsi,” they said. Then they went over to Egypt and toppled Morsi.

I am sure that there are many wise men in the ruling party. One of them should remind Davutoğlu of the meaning of the “professor” title he has before his name.