Beware pool media, you may be next

Beware pool media, you may be next

The actual aim of appointing a trustee panel to the Koza-İpek Group was to seize its media group. The first actions of the trustees confirm this. 

From the first day, trustees entered the group’s media outlets and seized the televisions first. The step after this will be the firing of opposition writers and journalists in the group newspapers. This is also seen openly now. 

Turkey, in an irrevocable way, is rapidly distancing itself from a rule of law state. This is the result of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s one-man rule enthusiasm and his desire to maintain his power under every circumstance.  

Now, in Turkey, there is no guarantee for anyone’s property or possessions. A prosecutor can have a report prepared about you by three experts, apply to the judge of the peace court, and your property and possessions may be confiscated. 

This practice, which means the violation of the right of property, has been welcomed by the pro-government “pool” media. I recommend them to read the expert report before they rejoice this much. 

When fate changes tomorrow, those justifications written on the report may easily cause the seizure of media groups that are fed by the money poured into the pools.  

They should not say, “It will not happen to us,” because the [Gülen] community was thinking the same thing when we were criticizing their unlawful practices.  

When law is violated once and you do not raise your voice against it, then you are left helpless when you are in need of that justice. 

This is my warning.

Naked men were only a ‘feeling’

The father-in-law of the young Kabataş woman, the mayor of Istanbul’s Bahçelievler, spoke. He said, “Those statements my daughter-in-law gave to certain media organs were what she felt in those days.” 

In other words, 60 or 70 half-naked men with leather pants, gloves, black bandanas, the perverts who beat up a young woman and threw her baby up in the air, were they only a “feeling?” 

I have hard time understanding. 

The father-in-law continued, “My daughter-in-law has been the subject of an extremely ugly and loathsome attack on June 1, 2013 near the Kabataş Ferry Station in Beşiktaş. However, we have been told that the cameras in the area were either broken or were not recording. The only image available was of İDO, the city maritime lines, which were insufficient and viewed the incident only behind a screen. I appeared on television channels after the incident, calling on people to help us with the thought that there should absolutely be some people who witnessed the attack and that those people would assist us. I am still asking for this.” 

The father-in-law has forgotten that upon this claim, the police interrogated hundreds of people. They called each and every person whose cell phone had signals at the base stations in the area on that day and on that hour. 

Not a single person has seen such a crowd and nobody witnessed such an incident. 

This was not enough; the police scanned all surveillance cameras within a 4 kilometer radius of the Kabataş ferry station, reviewed 2,650 hours of recording and scanned 161 person’s Facebook accounts. 

A crowd of 60 or 70 people with half-naked was not seen. Either the guys had evaporated or were beamed up by a space ship. Their arrival was not seen; their departure was nowhere to be seen. 

The father-in-law also thought that bringing up of this topic before elections was “meaningful.”

Let me remind him that the person who brought the topic up again was a hit person of the pro-government media who said, “We were not able to manage the lie.”

President deceived  

When President Erdoğan said, “Leave 4G, let’s go directly to 5G,” the name of the tender was declared “4.5G” and the winning bidders of the frequency tender were given their documents with a ceremony. The president reiterated the same thing: “Leave 4G, let’s go to 5G.”

I have to say that they are deceiving the president. There is nothing like 4.5G in the world. 

If you don’t believe me, go on Google or Yandex. I will reward anyone who finds anything. 

An overwhelming majority of the results of your search will be Turkish sources and what you will read in these sources are only the persistence of the president on this matter and stories related to that.

The world does not know of such a thing because there is no such thing. 

Since nobody on that flank has any courage to say something contradicting what the president has said, they are managing the situation by deceiving him with 4.5G.   

As a matter of fact, our infrastructure is not even ready for 4G.

The Justice and Development Party (AKP) that has been ruling for 13 years neglected this business because the necessary fiber optic infrastructure does not generate as good a profit as the construction business; it is not possible to pour money into the pools from this field. 

If your internet infrastructure is not adequate no matter what tender you hold, you may name it the 8G, but the situation will not change. 

For this reason, the means to download a song in one second, upload a video in two seconds and download a film in 5 minutes are only dreams for us. 

We do not have the fiber optic infrastructure for this capacity; there are no signs that this is being built.

Because of the reasons stemming from this inadequacy of the internet infrastructure, Turkey at the moment has not even fully transformed to 3G.

Some 60 percent of the base stations are still at 2G technology. 

The letters “EDGE” that you see on your mobile phone screens beside your operators’ name in several places in Turkey means this. 

These things are not done by delivering speeches at rallies.