The most authentic one: Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca

The most authentic one: Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca

I don’t know what you think, but I have started kind of liking Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, alias Cübbeli (“capped”) Ahmet Hoca. I considered him strange at first; I could not make any sense of what he was doing. Afterwards, he started looking different to me.

Before anything else, he is a very authentic person. He reveals himself just as he is. He does not hide under his “cap” and deceive people around him with religious superstitions. He does not try to dissimulate. I don’t accept what he is saying, but I appreciate that he does not make a fool of people.

Look at his stance at court. He is extremely bold. He openly says he loves women, that he prefers the pretty ones over the ugly. He says he has two wives and that he visits one of them during the daytime hours without the other one knowing about these visits. Then he turns to the judge and is able to say: “Now the other will hear these words, and I am doomed!”

First of all, we were surprised when we saw his photos while he was jet-skiing. Do capped men jet-ski? Well, he did. Then he revealed that he was quite different with the statements he gave. He did not hide, like other religious functionaries, even though he had outdated views, especially on women – which I do not share at all.

Imagine him without a beard, take off his cap; he would make a top-rating showman.

Forensic medicine to decide on Saygun
Now, everybody knows the situation of retired General Ergin Saygun. Especially forensic medicine.

The functioning of his lungs is gradually decreasing. His heart is giving alarming signals. Even when he is standing up, he is short of breath. He has difficulty walking even with a walking stick. He has to be under continuous control. His blood sugar level has to be checked three times a day and his insulin injections should be arranged accordingly. Wherever he is, there should be all the necessary equipment present. However, at Silivri Prison’s infirmary, none of this equipment is present, nor are there any experts to conduct these tests. He has had to be carried six times to Silivri Hospital wrapped in a blanket. He cannot be transferred in an ambulance, because in his dispatch note it is written: “Attention, a member of terror organization. He could escape, he could be kidnapped.” Because of this, he can only be transferred in a prison vehicle accompanied by four armed soldiers.

During the past three months, he has stayed in jail for two months and in hospital for one month, including the transfers when he was carried back and forth.

The Forensic Medicine Department has written: “If his controls are conducted, he can stay in prison.”

The prison answered: “It is impossible for us to conduct them.”

After long efforts, the court is now again asking the Forensic Medicine Department about the situation. They will decide. Ergin Saygun will either stay in jail or he will be transferred to the Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA.)

In other words, the Forensic Medicine Department will either save Saygun’s life or shorten it with the report it issues. Indeed, certain people will bear the entire responsibility.