Recent attacks marginalize the PKK

Recent attacks marginalize the PKK

A general opinion is now settling in the Turkish public. According to it, the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) does not want peace in any way. Whenever there is talk of peace, whenever hopes are rising, the PKK or its affiliated groups somehow undermine this process.

It is now very difficult to change this perception. If we view the recent situation, we can immediately see the strangeness. For some time, there have been contacts at a deep level.

Barzani is kept engaged. Leyla Zana surprised everyone by making a call for peace to the prime minister. Arınç mentions that if the terror organization lays down its arms, Öcalan could be moved to house imprisonment.

Also, Karayılan at Kandil (Mountain) gave journalist Avni Özgürel extremely hopeful messages. After such statements, it was impossible not to be surprised. Even Özgürel was so affected by the interview that he wrote that Karayılan was close to laying down arms. It was even highlighted that the Oslo Protocol was still valid.

Then, the Dağlıca attack…

Now, all of us are trying to understand this attitude. We are trying to solve the contradiction between the uttered words and these murders.

Let’s not forget that there is an 8,000-man terror organization in front of us. We’re talking about a terror machine that has its unique problems, a unique logic and domestic clashes.

The PKK administration is either really not aware of it, or does not want to recognize it, but this general perception in the Turkish public has definitely settled in. It is becoming more and more widespread that the organization does not want peace and it especially does whatever it can to block the roads to peace.

This situation strengthens Ankara’s hand; it marginalizes the PKK.

As long as a move is made now. As long as the reforms are accelerated. As long as the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) rolls up its sleeves and shows the courage to enter the real talks.

As long as the Kurdish people react to this course of events.

Why can’t this outpost be protected?
Five years ago, almost the same attack was carried out by the PKK against the Dağlıca outpost. The attack at that time created a huge public reaction. From that day on, it was said that border outposts had been reinforced and strengthened.

I know that the Dağlıca outpost is in a godforsaken place. It is extremely difficult to access. But it is an outpost just the same. It is a place where all the facilities of the Turkish Armed Forces should be present.

Now, everybody is asking the same question: Why was this outpost not protected?

A 300-person group from PKK approach with their heavy machinery, take up their positions and attack. By this, they demonstrated that they can hit any station they wish to, at any time they wish.

Is this that simple? Let alone approaching with heavy artillery, these Dağlıca-type outposts should be top security places, with extreme monitoring and audio surveillance capacity; they should generate fear by their firepower, scaring everything and everybody around, right?

Well, obviously not. Thus, this outpost must not have been strengthened sufficiently, so the PKK could organize an attack.

I’m not blaming anybody but the public is asking deep questions.