Özal’s body was exhumed in vain

Özal’s body was exhumed in vain

I did not believe it from the beginning. It never sounded logical, the claims that President Turgut Özal was poisoned to death.

It was, entirely, a conspiracy theory produced and the more people talked about it, the more they were convinced. The family was persistent. Finally, President Abdullah Gül could not resist and started the investigation mechanism.

The forensic report, as expected, detected some poisonous material inside Özal’s body, however, “it was not determined that the death was caused by poisoning.”

Experts find it normal that some poisonous materials are found in the body as a result of having been buried for so many years.

Of course, now, there will be reactions such as, “The Forensic Institute hid the murder” or “Even this scarce poison found is enough to prove that he was poisoned to death,” and nobody will be satisfied.

However, now, it is enough.

Primarily the family, this insistence should be abandoned and Özal should be left alone.

Moreover, even if it was confirmed that Özal was poisoned, what would it have proven? After so many years, what kind of an investigation would be conducted and who would be caught?

While the agenda of the country is full of conspiracy theories, there is no use, ever, in adding a new one to them.

Ergenekon case self-injures
The prosecutor, assuming everything goes well, will read his opinion today and a new stage will start in the Ergenekon case.

This case, unfortunately, has been managed badly from the beginning. It went through a process that irritated the conscience of society, conflicted with the sense of judgment and where given powers were used vulgarly.

It was so vastly expanded, developed branches to such an extent that a very complicated stage has been reached.

Still, there were many correct aspects in this case. When some claims are reviewed, there were people who had to be tried and punished. A picture emerged that is correct fundamentally but where the practice has gone wrong. Whereas, if it had been handled differently from the beginning, if rule of law had been applied strictly, then the prosecutor would have been watched with excitement today.

Before the opinion was read, our judicial system and its implementers failed.

In this process, even those like me who supported Ergenekon have been disappointed. What we have experienced for years has not been accepted by most of us. Punishments that will be given from now on will not quite be accepted by consciences.

Sırrı Sakık is right in his reactions
You must have watched it on TV.

During the budget debate, the news of the death of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy Oktay Vural’s mother arrived and was announced to the general assembly. Each deputy group chairman took the floor and spoke to convey their condolences.

This was an exceptionally humane and correct act.

Until Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) deputy Sırrı Sakık took the floor, I had not noticed. Sakık was sad.

He had lost his son a short while ago, but nobody had ever taken the floor simply to convey their condolences.

He said, “You discriminate even at this.” He was so right.

I wish all deputy group chairmen would have immediately seen how right Sakık was and taken the floor to convey their condolences.

Humanity would have called for this.