It’s boiling all around us. Look what we are engaged in

It’s boiling all around us. Look what we are engaged in

I don’t know your situation, but I have crumbled. 

It is getting ever more difficult to understand the storm involving the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the police and the judiciary. We come across a new development with every passing day. Look at it: The police executives who are alleged to have been involved in the MİT incident and who were, up until yesterday, appointed to the top positions in the police by the government, have been removed.

When you listen to the prosecutors, there is a lot of sense in what they are saying. When you listen to the MİT, you also see that they are generally right. 

Well then, what do we make of all of this? 

There is certainly a conflict, but who is it between? Who is settling accounts with who?

There is a claim than it is between the “Cemaat” (the Fethullah Gülen community) and the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti). I find it difficult to believe that the community and the AK Parti would be engaged in such a fierce fight. This does not fit into any form or logic. Some secret hands are being mentioned. Who are those guys, it is not known. 

Both in their interests and in their views of the world, the community and the AKP are so close to each other. What they cannot “share” is difficult to imagine. I personally do not think the “community” either has any intention or mechanism to individually rule Turkey or become the government. But the “community” itself is not able to “explain” this adequately. More precisely, it is not very well understood when looked from the outside. 

It should be noted that unless the “community” becomes transparent, these kinds of suspicions can not be prevented. There will always be these fears circling around.

Cries of war right next door 

What I wonder about most is not such insane debates, but what the MİT makes of the ever intensifying war cries around us. How close is the risk of war? What should Turkey do? 
Take a look at this list: 

- Syria is getting more and more stirred up. A civil war erupting there will ruin both the region and us. 

- Iran will soon either hit or be hit. My perception is that the United States is having a hard time holding back Israel. 

- The instability in Iraq is increasing tension in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region. 

- Afghanistan and Pakistan are close to the point of explosion.

- Greece is locked into a dangerous trend. The economic measures that the European Union has brought in will cause social outbursts and major political instability.

All of these developments affect us very closely. So, why are we wasting time? We are out of energy because of a MİT-Police fight we do not even know the meaning of. 

Başbuğ’s place is not there

To charge a former Chief of General Staff of the Republic of Turkey with forming an armed terror organization, no matter how you slice it, does not make logical sense, and does not suit this country. 
Also, trying a former Chief of Staff at a specially authorized court instead of the Supreme Council, does not suit this state or our customs. 

Regardless of what the law says, the treatment meted out to İlker Başbuğ humiliates the Republic of Turkey. 

I am not saying we should overlook him if he has committed a crime. I am not saying we should turn a blind eye to his mistakes. All I am saying is that this treatment should not be given to a person we raised to the top of the Turkish Armed Forces for years. 

With all due respect to the judiciary, there is also another side to the medallion. And the name of that is the public conscience. 

The public conscience has also reacted against practices in other cases, but for this attitude toward Başbuğ, it will never ever accept.

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