I had a dream

I had a dream

He had not spoken about it up until now but in the end he exploded. When Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan bombarded the TV series “Muhteşem Yüzyıl?” (The Magnificent Century), all hell broke loose. As a matter of fact, the ruling Justice and Development Party (Ak Party) circles were glaring at this series from the beginning but “the boss” had not said anything.

Apparently, the prime minister has also taken this television series seriously.

In fact, I was appalled. This series neither is a documentary nor has a mission to promote Sultan Süleyman, also known as Süleyman the Magnificent. On the contrary, it is a fiction telling a story that has nothing to do with facts.

I wonder if he uttered these words to form an agenda or if he reacted because he was seriously cross; I could not understand. To what extent was he serious and to what extent it was his personal reaction we will understand soon.

How are we going to understand?

First, we will wait for news from the prosecutors. Let’s see, which one will make a move?

Then the turn will come to the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK). Up to now, they have twice sent notices and they issued a fine once; however, RTÜK did not exceed its own borders. It was careful. It acted with the acceptance that this was a fiction, an imaginary tale. What will it do now?

And, finally, the decision of Star TV and its owner Ferit Şahenk will be awaited.

As a matter of fact, the prime minister has put the judiciary, RTÜK as well as Şahenk in a very difficult situation.

If the prosecutors take action, then the impression that is already widespread in the public, the one that goes “The government rules the judiciary” will further increase.

 If RTÜK convenes immediately and rains fines on the series, then it would also be defined similarly. The criticism that it is not an independent board, that it is a mechanism formed by the governing party to censor television will become more widespread.

Ferit Şahenk is a businessman. He is in no position to be involved in a discussion with the country’s prime minister. No matter how much money he loses, he will have to eventually harden his heart and remove the series. His job is relatively easier, because he will record a financial loss at the end. The public will sympathize with him easily and will justify him.

Who will lose?

Those who enjoy the series will lose. Those who will make historical television series in the future will decide not to just in case.

We will fall into the category of countries where what should be shown and what should not be shown on television is asked to the government.

Our television channels will reach a stage where they will not be able to broadcast anything but conservative serials.

I have a dream
I had a dream last night.

Even though it is very difficult for that dream to come true, despite the prime minister’s reaction, starting from the judiciary, the dream was that the relevant people would adopt a different stance.

Instead of saying, “Yes, prime minister,” they will express that they think differently.

That they are able to say, “With all due respect, we are not considering taking any action to remove this series.”

Am I being a daydreamer?

I don’t think so.