God save all of us from Romney

God save all of us from Romney

NEW YORK - While I was here, with almost no time left until the presidential elections, I researched what would happen to us if Mitt Romney won. We know Barack Obama. I hope he wins. It would be very good for Turkey, his relationship with Erdoğan is perfect. Important names in the administration know Ankara closely, and there is a harmony in policies.

However, Obama’s job is difficult. We will witness a competition to the end. Obama currently has a slight advantage, although Romney has closed the initial gap and is getting closer. The general approach of Romney is not full of bright messages regarding world peace. We will have difficulties until we get used to it. What should we expect from Romney with regard to relations with Turkey?
 I have talked this over with both Turkish diplomats and former U.S. diplomats. Each time I come across the same words: “You may face difficulties in the beginning, but eventually things will get back on track.” Nobody believes it would be easy. What Romney wants is not clear, especially on the topic of the Middle East. It must be the effect of the campaign, but he has extremely tough stances.

The general policies of the United States will function normally again, but until that time we will all sweat. Because of this I am saying: “I hope Obama wins.” But again, if you hear that Romney has won on the night of Nov. 2, don’t worry too much. Turkey is such an island of stability in this region that it is out of the question, especially for Washington, to give up on us.

‘Balyoz is a total fabrication’

I have received a letter from retired General Ergin Saygun after the publishing of his book. Not that it will change anything, but because I want his views to be known to the public in a case in which he was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

“Balyoz (Sledgehammer) is completely fabricated. CD number 11 – and all the accusations are in that CD - is fake, a fact that has been proved 23 times by independent computer forensic experts and by universities. But this means nothing to the court. Prosecutors are hiding the evidence that is in favor of us. We have complained to the Higher Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK). It has been two years and there is still no result. None of the witnesses I asked for was accepted. Criminal cases have to be based on material evidence, but here it is opinion and estimation that is taken as the basis. Which one should I explain? There was not one piece of evidence. The Chief Judge, as evidence, read 50 pages of documents and ran seminar cassettes. A duty was assigned to us and we were told to make presentations on certain subjects. Does that make me a criminal? The court skipped the stage of calling for evidence. Before I presented my defense, the prosecutor had already prepared the opinion. In other words, they are saying to me: ‘Regardless of what you say, we have made our decision.’ This is the 18th century. This is a case that has been set up to win the return game. It is a scam and it has run into us. Our lives will end in prison or the hospital room before truth is discovered.”

These lines contain several realities. I am against coups; I also want the coup plotters to be punished. But I don’t want cases such as this, using anti-lawful methods. I am waiting for the ruling of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The High Court should relieve our justice system from such doubts and concerns.