Forget religious generation; the tablet generation is coming

Forget religious generation; the tablet generation is coming

We have been stuck on the debate on raising religious generations, we have not paid adequate attention to the “Fatih Project” that should thrill us all. Moreover, the Education Ministry did not inform society well enough. It did not explain the project properly. 

An incredible step is being taken. Let me explain the reason… 

The world is now undoubtedly entering a new age of technology and information. Whichever society generates technology, whichever country has a head start in information technology, will shine.

Prosperity will no longer belong to those who own oil or natural gas, or those who have heavy industry. They will descend to second rank. The countries that will be listened to will be those whose army has the strongest technology. It will not be the army that has the biggest number of soldiers. Technology requires soldiers who know how to use it. The private personnel we have today will not even be able to use an advanced technology rifle in 20 years.

In sum, those who know and produce technology will be able to play in the first league, the rest will fall apart. It is that simple. The world is at such a stage. 

Turkey would have either have to continue training the coming generations by pottering about with the service sector, traditional methods of agriculture, animal husbandry, automotive and white goods production, or it would have to move with the times. 

It has chosen the latter. 

Turkey could not move with the times with its present outdated educational system and tools. The coming generations would be able to move beyond servitude. We would have become a stunted, introverted country in a vacuum. 

Owing to this perspective, the Fatih Project thrills me. 

Can you imagine? Very young generations living in the remotest corner of Anatolia, who think themselves forgotten, those who do not have any connection with the world, will for the first time meet a computer, will meet a tablet. They will learn how to use the internet. The world will open up to them. They will be able to learn whatever they want to. The millions who do not know what the “ENTER” button is will be gone; they will be replaced by millions who know how to play with technology. 

In four year’s time, 17 million students will meet technology in the classroom.

Indeed, what follows in this education and should be the second step to take. We can either be “contemporary religious” or “contemporary irreligious.” It is enough just to be contemporary.

Otherwise we are bound to melt down and disappear. For this reason, I applaud the Fatih project. 
If this doesn’t thrill you, I wonder what can. 

I wish Gedikli had not spoken

I wish deputy head Justice and Development Party (AKP) Bülent Gedikli had not spoken. As long as he kept silent, people regarded him differently. But he produced such a conspiracy theory that I’m sure when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan read it he said: “What on earth is this?” 

How could he not say so? 

Take a look at his chart, you will understand. Who are those “dark forces” trying to undermine Turkey? This requires a “bravo.”

Can it be acceptable that the ruling party’s deputy leader reveals such an absurd scenario and announces it with pride? 

Can society believe that a person who gives such statements and generates conspiracy theories will continue to occupy the deputy leader position and generate healthy policies?

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