Enough, leave Turgut Özal alone

Enough, leave Turgut Özal alone

For exactly 19 years, this has been tackled. There is an endless effort to prove that one of our previous presidents, President Turgut Özal, was the victim of an assassination.

Well, his heart stopped. Primarily his own personal doctor, everybody agreed that he lost his life due to heart failure, his family approved this, rejected any autopsy and that file was closed.

Then, after years have gone by, an urban legend was launched: “No, there must be a mischief in this business,” they started saying. Unfortunately, the family was pioneering in this insistence.

Next came those who load some kind of mystery into every death, who write books about them and make TV shows. As the family contributed to this wind, nobody was able to say, “Don’t do it; don’t waste your time.”

Also President Abdullah Gül, upon the demand of the family, and probably unwillingly, activated the State Supervisory Council (DDK). The DDK investigated and finally issued a statement.

Oh, my God, a report has been issued, that should be put up for show. The report, after saying there is no concrete evidence, draws attention to several assumptions, each more perplexing than the other:

 - That there were not adequate health services in the Çankaya Presidential Mansion,

 - That the president’s food was monitored,

 - He was taken to the wrong hospital,

 - No autopsy was conducted.

And more and more… However, none of this is significant. The heart of the president stopped beating, that’s all… There was no situation that one can talk of saving him.

As far as I understand, the DDK also, to end totally these rumors, which have piled up excessively, in other words, to be able to understand the definite cause of death, states that the only way is to open up the grave and do an investigation.

Don’t please do it.

Let the guy rest peacefully. Don’t bother him. Just to say at the end, “Oh, yes, he really died of heart failure,” don’t torment him.

Enough, really enough…

Some are eliminating some others
It is an important matter that 2,335 prosecutors and judges have been reassigned. Especially at a time when extraordinary cases are ongoing. Especially in these days when there is an open conflict between the (Fethullah Gülen) “Community” and the government.

Especially when the ruling party has started to challenge the specially authorized prosecutors and judges…

If 2,335 prosecutors and judges are reassigned, and if some of them are those prosecutors and judges that were assigned to special cases, then suspicions involuntarily peak.

If you ask the Justice Ministry, they say, “an extremely normal, routine assignment process” is being experienced. With spring, reassignments are done as done each year. After the schools have closed, because everybody will be able to travel to their destinations, this date is preferred. Again, according to the ministry, a significant portion of the assignments are done upon personal demand.

There is certainly a true side to this statement.

However, for a portion of these reassignments, it is a widespread belief that they were made for different reasons. Such key names were reassigned and “promoted” to bureaucratic positions that it is impossible for a person not to smell the bad odor.

It is now clear that the end is here for the specially authorized.

Even if they are not totally removed, there will be a restriction of the powers of the specially authorized courts and prosecutors. More precisely, those aspects that were warned of when this law was being written, will now be taken into consideration.

I wish they had listened to those warnings and criticisms at that time.

What happened at the end? The judiciary has lost prestige and hundreds of people have suffered unnecessarily.