Come on, let’s come to terms with our past ourselves

Come on, let’s come to terms with our past ourselves

When societies are caught up in a wave of excitement, it is hard for them to focus.

The latest events with France have stirred up a segment of society. Swords are drawn and we are ready to hit the road for Paris. Thank God, the prime minister showed a cool manner, and this calmed the excitement down to a certain extent. At least, it looks as if it is so for the moment.

Well, are we going to continue like this until the year 2015?

The year 2015 is very important for Armenians. It is the date they have targeted to have the entire world accept “genocide” claims by, and thus have Turkey punished. They will be doing whatever they can to achieve this goal.

What are we going to do?

We understand that it is very difficult to intimidate others by threatening sanctions and withdrawing ambassadors.

On the other hand, we have no other option but to stand upright against the “genocide” allegations and continue on our way with self-esteem. The only way to be able to do this lies in being able to understand what the 1915 events actually were.

At present, we do not know. A large part of society is not aware of what was experienced in 1915.
Let’s leave aside the “genocide” claim, as well as the “nothing happened, it was the Armenians who massacred us” view. Let’s all learn what really happened 100 years ago.

Those who hear these words immediately respond by saying: “Brother, are you going to make us accept the genocide?”

No, friends. Before anything else, let’s learn what happened – that’s enough. Then we can stand on a much stronger platform. Up until today, we only said “No.” Moreover, we said that without having any idea of what happened, by merely listening to what higher officials said.

Governments have also walked the same road all the time. They never went beyond saying “No.” They never tried any other stance. The current situation has come to pass because we have only ever said “No.”

We are not aware of the fact that by doing this we are only condemning ourselves. There is not long left until we fall into the “genocide” trap.

Because of this, I am saying that we should encounter our past and settle our accounts with it.

Nothing heard from Aliyev

I had not noticed it either; I only remembered it when Taha Akyol referred to it in his column in daily Hürriyet on Wednesday.

Our dear friend, the leader of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, somehow did not say anything regarding the developments in France.


The Azeri Foreign Ministry issued valuable statements. However, unless Aliyev roars, what the others are doing does not really count, but this is what has happened. Turkey was again left alone in this struggle.

Don’t we have a right to expect such support?

It was Azerbaijan that made us cancel the protocols with Armenia at the last minute. If the protocols had survived, no bill would have been able to pass from the Lower House or the Upper House of Senate of the French Parliament.

Turkey, by taking the option of cancelling the protocols, gave an exceptionally significant example of friendship and solidarity. The Turkish Foreign Ministry and the Office of the Prime Minister are keeping silent and are ignoring the situation. The Turkish public, however, is asking this question: Where is Aliyev?

If we are friends, if we are brothers, don’t we need to see this support?

Nobody should take offense and be hurt. We are also as fragile and emotional a society as the Azeris are.