Abortion debate shows the true position of women

Abortion debate shows the true position of women

We often lie to each other. However, there arose a subject that put us into a position that made it impossible to lie. The debate on abortion made our society’s mask slip.

You know, we say, “We kiss the bottom of our mothers’ feet…”

You know, we say, “The place of the woman is on top of our heads...”

Now, I don’t believe in any of them. This society has openly demonstrated that it sees the woman as a “hatching machine.”

Take a look at the discussions, I’m sure you will see that I’m right.

“Instead of the [raped] woman killing the child, she should kill herself…”

“Those who have been raped, have to endure the consequences…”

“It is not only the woman; the father of the child also has rights to that baby…”

“A woman cannot have the right to decide on an abortion…”

All of a sudden our real faces have been exposed. This side of ours that has no respect for woman, except for giving lip service, has just kicked and stamped. Unfortunately, this approach is much more widespread among the religious segment. They say, “A human being cannot interfere to what Allah has given,” and wash their hands. They refer to the Quran and try to scare people.

It is not only in our country, but in the whole world the same stance is encountered. However, women are not scorned as much as they are in our country. Those women who defend their rights are not slammed as harshly as they are here. The place of women in the discussions is not null and void, as it is here.

Now, here, in our country, it just happened. We could not hide our true faces. Our lies just spilled over.

Real murder starts now
Most probably abortion will be restricted. Then there will be an increase in secret abortions in the coming years, and consequently “secret murders” will take place.

Our women, as in past years, will try to abort their children secretly, at the risk of losing their lives. Next, statistics will be revealed and most of us will react against them.

For many years, we will be discussing these murders and in the end we will go back to the point we are at right now.

However, meanwhile, we will have lost thousands of our women.

Please, let’s drop the lies now. Let’s not fool ourselves. Let’s say: “We regard our women as hatching machines.”

Solving the Kurdish issue without the CHP is very difficult
The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) may be very powerful. It is actually very strong. It has received more votes in the southeast than any party has ever received. It has obtained the right to represent a significant portion of our citizens of Kurdish origin. At least, it has broken the monopoly of the BDP-PKK dual on the Kurdish issue. The AK Party has a powerful and bold leader.

For the first time in Ankara a foursome is present that is able to produce joint opinions: Çankaya (the presidential mansion), the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), and the government.

Like it or not, Turkey has not been governed by such a consistent government for many years.
All of these circumstances are not easy to achieve.

But they are not enough to solve the Kurdish issue.

It is so late for a solution. The region has changed, so has the world, Turkey, and its actors. The 30-year struggle has left such deep wounds; it now requires bigger sacrifices, more subtle political calculations, better visions and more risks.

It is the right time to roll up the sleeves.

It has nothing to do with number of seats in Parliament. Any Kurdish solution that is rejected by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) will not be adopted by this society. On the contrary, a solution formula that has been reached together with the CHP is hard even for the PKK to resist.

Will the prime minister enter the meeting with Kılıçdaroğlu today and actually search for a joint solution, or will he simply be a leader who did not want to turn down a request for a meeting?

This opportunity should not be missed…