The Turkish Ski Federation aims to have 400,000 certified athletes by 2026

The Turkish Ski Federation aims to have 400,000 certified athletes by 2026

Five athletes were detained after two were injured in a brawl that erupted during trials for the Turkish national skiing team in the ski hub of Palandöken in the eastern province of Erzurum on Dec. 12.

A more detailed statement on the incident appeared on the Turkish Ski Federation’s website. We must congratulate the transparency.

“Some groups, who were unhappy with the new system, decided to engage in primitive practices, such as shows of aggression, threats and violence,” said the statement.

An athlete named Serdar Deniz was injured, manhandled and verbally attacked by a ski teacher who approached him on the tracks.

According to some reports, the teacher had previously threated Deniz and other athletes before and upon interference, knives were pulled out.


More than just a tragic situation

I am someone who loves to watch winter sports on television. I have been waiting impatiently for the Winter Olympics, which will start in 57 days.

I have never heard or seen such an incident in winter sports before. There is more than tragedy in this incident.

Looking closer at the world of winter sports, we see the tradition of “planning and projects as a Turkish thing” on a small scale in the country.

From the highest level, Turkey has declared its enthusiasm to be a candidate for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

“We are preparing for 2026. We will send a message to the world with the Olympics. Our friends who hear this voice rising from Erzurum will most likely do what is necessary,” said President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last April when he spoke to the nation in Erzurum.

When we visit the website of the Turkish Ski Federation, we see a “mission and vision” statement in accordance with a “giant goal,” doubling our hope for the Winter Olympics.

The federation aims to have “four million citizens who know how to ski” and “400,000 certified athletes” by 2026.


Turkey is skiing

The truth is different when we look at the facts.

Perhaps we do not see it in the cities but those who know should say so. Are there really many people who can skii comfortably in Turkey in areas with snow and we are unaware?

According to the official figures for all kinds of sports, including trainers and athletes, 100,000 certified athletes are added to the statistics at most.

I seriously doubt you can train that many athletes, even if you give out 400,000 certifications in eight years.

The estimated budget in 2018 for the Ski Federation is 80 million Turkish Liras and in 2017 it was 60 million liras.

I wonder how much the budget of the budget will be spent on training children ages three and up after the budget is divided among the president, the member of directors, travel, expenses, personnel, agencies and various directorates.

I believe we will be able to attend the Olympics, which will be in 57 days, with only a handful of athletes.


Athletes are innocent

Is it the athletes fault? Of course not, since the structure cannot find enough resources to train and improve them. There are good facilities but there are not enough athletes. There is no plan, project or action behind these “big words.”

So what is there? There is athlete mutilation, threatening and stabbing in national team trials.

In order for this distinct example of a Turkish project be successful, let’s choose a Turkish method and say, “Right dear, Allah willing...”

Opinion, Kanat Atkaya,