Killer caught, murders continue

Killer caught, murders continue

Other than committing more than one murder, Atalay Filiz cannot be described as a serial killer at all, but can only be examined under the category of “well-educated sociopathic killer.” The only person who acted logically in the Filiz case is the 23-year-old baker Taha Gürses.  

I would like to warmly congratulate this young man who, first of all, acted calmly after recognizing the fugitive in a minibus before taking the correct steps. As a bigger brother to him, I can only advise him to put a distance between himself and this matter for the moment, kindly rebuff media demands for now on and use the prize he will receive for his unborn child. 

We have a long list of those who have acted illogically in the Atalay Filiz case. The first ones who come to mind are the police officers and other officers who took a selfie with the killer who murdered innocent people, as well as those who congratulated and applauded him. The reactions shown against this selfie nonsense are indeed spot on. But, it is not only the officials who acted with nonsense in this incident. 

There are also those “so-called” certain experts, who have elevated this sociopath to the level of a serial killer. 

Of course I should not forget our media who have titled Filiz as a serial killer. Well, of course, I should congratulate those officers who did not seriously monitor Filiz in both the double murders in Ankara and the last time he was travelling with four large suitcases like a traveler in the 19th century. 

What else? 

There is a “parody account” in the name of Atalay Filiz on social media followed by some 8,000 people. You can see this account as a black humor initiative with funny jokes if you can erase from your mind the fact that Filiz has committed murders. 

As a matter of fact, those who are managing this parody account are not officially responsible people like the selfie-taking ones; they can only be criticized for making humor out of a murderer, but even that would be an exaggeration.  

When you write the murderer’s name in search motors on social media, you can find many other accounts and you will realize that those who do not see any harm in trading their ability to empathize for an ordinary joke are not only limited to this parody account.  

The Sunday the killer was caught happened at the same time as Turkey played Croatia at Euro 2016. During the game, referring to our national team’s poor performance, there were social media comments saying, “Coach, why don’t you put in Atalay Filiz? At least he would get rid of some men…” Those who made this joke are not on any morally higher ground than those who took selfies.

The Atalay Filiz incident is, in sum, a sign that the sauce of “We have such national and spiritual values that they would make you drool” lost its taste long time ago. 

If we have reached a stage where we do not respect others’ pains, then where else can we go?

Consequently, the Atalay Filiz incident has been closed to a great extent because he has been caught and sent to jail and because he has confessed to the murders. 

Well, what shall we do regarding the fact that our values, respect, love and understanding, which we believed were the glue of our society until very recently, as well as our feeling of empathy, have been killed?

There is a classic cue in Turkish films that goes, “You are the killer of my most beautiful feelings;” shall we repeat this to each other day and night? 

I do have a reply to this, but don’t let it demoralize you…

Here is the New Turkey, it’s all yours. Enjoy it, my dearest…