A new slogan from the streets of Tehran

A new slogan from the streets of Tehran

During a morning newscast on TV, a channel is airing the “Iran package,” where rejoices are being filmed. On the streets of Tehran, a slogan is heard from the waving crowd: “Death to no one! Long live life!”

In the Middle East, which is ruled by all kinds of power struggles and political tricks, where seeds of hatred are planted at every corner, doesn’t this slogan stand out as something extremely naïve? 

I spent the day reading and listening to expert commentators on international news. What I drew from all of them is this: Iran is happy with the situation. Those who have taken this “nuclear and beyond” issue to the diplomacy table, the P5+1, which represents the U.S., UK, China, Russia, France and Germany, are happy.
As a matter of fact, Obama will need to convince both the Congress and the public, but they are happy in the end…

The Western, the Eastern, the Northern and the Southern countries are definitely happy. 

Capital owners, who had difficulty holding their drool and who were watching the Iranian market, which was closed for decades, are also happy.   

Are there any people who are not happy? Wouldn’t there be? 

We first see Saudi Arabia and Israel; for obvious reasons, they are unhappy that even Saudi Arabia and its confederates in the region have met on the same front with Israel. 

Obama is trying to help via telephoning Israel and Saudi Arabia while the countries are attempting to digest. 
Well, is Turkey happy? 

Some cabinet ministers made positive statements, stating that these developments should ease the regional tension and more importantly facilitate trade. 

The person directly involved with the matter, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu first said “We are happy,” then went on to say, “But…”

He said it would have been better if sectarian policies had never been resorted to and added that more positive energy is needed in Syria, Iraqi and Yemeni policies. There may be some who would draw several meanings and messages from these sentences. 

In short, Turkey is the country that “whatever it did not wish happened across its borders.” It is one issue if Turkey gets cross with the U.S.; it is yet another issue if Turkey makes peace with Israel.

Similarly, one side of the story is to be happy with the possible increase in Iranian trade, but the other side of the story is that that its market has already long been shared. 

It has been a long time since the cards have been redistributed in the Middle East. It is impossible to predict now who has won or who will win this bloody, high profit game. 

It might be difficult for it to win today but the one we wish to win in the future is heard in the streets of Tehran, shouting “Death to no one! Long live life!”

One day, it will happen, absolutely one day…