The power hungry players are all desperate in Egypt

The power hungry players are all desperate in Egypt

What is the illusion that they so desperately want us to believe, I wonder? What would make the so-called powerful police force in addition to a powerful army engage in street fights, massacring unarmed civilians? Not only are there enough live documented shots of their brutality and inhumanity, there are also live accounts of eyewitnesses, material evidence and a whole load of dead bodies to haunt them for life. They are not only responsible for the cold blooded massacre of unarmed civilians; their ability to lie, unhesitant and in cold blood, is quite striking. After more than 24 hours of brutal force and unnecessary display of power, their spokespeople calmly denounced the sad events and claimed they had done nothing but try to protect the civilians and public buildings. They must take us all for fools or already blind men and women. It is very telling that all of the shooting was toward the head and particularly aimed at the eyes. They need us to be blind.

It is both sad and heartbreaking to see so many young lives taken for nothing more than a call for freedom. They have given you trust and waited patiently for the two things they repeatedly asked for: dignity and freedom. You denied them both. You have angered them. There will be no retreats. As somebody so simply expressed it, Jan. 28 was just the rehearsal. It took my lifetime and 18 glorious days to bring only Mubarak down; it is fit to take 10 months to bring all the power hungry traitors who kill to rule Egypt down.

 To make the short lives and sudden painful deaths of those brave Egyptians at least worthwhile, one must try to see through the smokescreens. Ever since Feb. 11, the leadership of a mighty army has been charged with the affairs of a mighty country. From the start, their actions have been questionable. In March, their clear affiliation with the political Islam groups and consequent constitutional mess we kindly relegated to lack of governing experience! The liberals with their flowery ideas of Western democracy were the new kids on the block. They started making more noise and asking more questions, all the time gaining more support from the on-looking hesitant democracy-believing world. The army ruled from behind the scenes, the Muslim Brothers and other Islamists were kept at bay, for use as the threatening and looming danger, if the status quo were questioned or required to change.

The tactic of the weak is to exert physical power. The struggle went on for months. Pressure from the young and strong unarmed civilian population persevered against the tactics and deviousness of the old but physically powerful rulers. The smokescreens never stopped. Hindsight is a great tool to inform foresight. Ten months of humiliating young activists and bringing more than 12,000 to military trials, 10 months of expressing false intentions, of exercising the exact games of religious strife, political and security instability and foreign threats to national security; the exact same tactics we have become so used to with our blinders on.

The power hungry players are all desperate. The surprise is Egyptians have gained more insight and some foresight in the 10 months that passed, and their conspiring ruling elites have been blinded by their lust for power, their greed and their fear of downfall