The AK Party’s brand ‘spokesperson’ problem

The AK Party’s brand ‘spokesperson’ problem

I follow every article from every different political perspective, as well as discussions on social media and TV. But as a scriptwriter, the most interesting things for me to follow are the comments under articles.

Sometimes for one or two days no negative reaction comes in for an article, idea or tweet. Or only a couple of proper criticisms are written. Then, just as if a button has been pushed, a bombardment of insults, curse words, and spelling errors starts raining down.

Indeed, the AK Party’s social media trolls’ outrageous “opposition for opposition” behavior has in recent months also become an embarrassment for AK Party officials.

But is it really the AK Party’s social media trolls responsible for this foul-mouthed, fanatical and threatening tirade? Or are we actually witnessing a sneaky plot aiming to form the perception that the party’s supporters are such impolite people. After all, our life is ridden by suspicions and conspiracy theories!

There are also supporters of the AK Party on social media who are respectful and who have a different point of view. But unfortunately these respectful and real people get drowned out among the “insult-lovers” who strategically open hashtags, use similar avatars, and activate multiple accounts under similar names before closing them when the campaign ends. 

There are many such trolls, and AK Party members do not deserve to be represented in this way!

Millions of people and millions of voters do not deserve to be reduced to this fanatic, foul-mouthed and discriminatory cartoon. There is a similar situation in the social media activity of opposition parties too, but I think they are less visible because there are not so many of them.

The demands of the age require people to have a strong presence on social media. This is particularly the case if you are involved in politics. But there are certain rules that have to be observed if you are trying to get your message across.

First test of the ‘Night Eagles’

When we were young, we used to hear their whistles on the streets and feel safer. I think they were one of the reasons why there were less burglaries and thefts back in those days.

Now, “night watchmen” are coming back in Turkey.

According to a new project, 700 out of 8,000 applicants have been selected and are being trained by the Special Operations police. From now on, they will work under the very chic name “Night Eagles” in Istanbul. 

I think this is good news. But we need to remember a few things before these night eagles start their duties.

Dear night eagles, you will not be there to interfere with citizens’ clothing or behavior, which are inoffensive and do not commit a crime. Unlike we saw in the recent incident with the security guard at Maçka Park and the police in İzmir, you have not been appointed to this duty to criticize the clothes or lifestyles of women or young people.

In fact, you’re duties are exactly the opposite. You are supposed to protect these people from those ones who want to interfere with their freedom and threaten them. 

Your job will be to intervene against thieves, harassers and tyrants who bother others when it is none of their business. Your job will be to stop those people who bother others with their hands, words and weapons. Your job will be to hand these people over to justice. Your job will be to help protect the life, property, freedom and personal choices of people who are not committing any crimes.

Let me repeat: Part of your duties will be to ensure that every Turkish woman can walk outside safely at any time, in any street they want, wearing whatever they want, just as in civilized countries.

If you can do that, securing women’s freedom without them having to constantly watch their backs you really will be “night eagles.”

We wish you good luck and success.