My petition for Mr. President

My petition for Mr. President

What? Everybody addresses him. It is a practical path to overriding the police, justice and law and order. You can ask everything from the president. Think of it this way: Since the president oversees everything in the country from where he stands, then the citizen has the right to directly explain his or her issue to the very top without dealing with the courts, lawyers, governor’s offices, deputies and mediators to find a solution in the shortest possible way.

There used to be “Address to the Nation” speeches in the past. The leader of the country would sit in front of the camera and explain the government’s activities, the latest developments and so on. 

But now, I am thinking that it is time to open a channel of “Address to the President.” At least the issues, complaints and unsolved problems of citizens would be put into categories and conveyed to Erdoğan collectively. 

I’ve done some research and determined that there are many people addressing the president. I am not going to write the tragic incidents. The desperation of the people is quite understandable, such as the woman whose husband died in the wrong medical procedure and is now asking for justice or a person who has watched a stepmother torture her stepchildren on video and is now demanding she be punished.

But there are these examples also: 

- Graduates of economics and administrative sciences departments are asking the president for positions to be opened for them in the Public Economic Enterprises (KİT). 

- A family in the eastern province Ağrı, when they had quintuplets, told the president “We were planning for triplets; now we will not be able to make ends meet,” and asked for help. 

- In the Central Anatolian province of Kırşehir, a bride who ran away after a wedding with the gold and jewelry given to her on the occasion was caught. She said, “I did not take this gold for myself; I took it to help the Bayırbucak Turkmens. I am calling on the president from here.”

- A citizen said he did not own a house and asked for the president’s help in obtaining a house built by Şahinbey Municipality in Gaziantep. 

- The fan club of football club Kocaelispor, named Hodri Meydan, recorded a video for the president asking for him to promote them to the Super League; also a hazelnut grower made a video asking the president to increase the hazelnut purchase prices of hazelnuts in Ordu. 

- A citizen thought the recipient of the Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Special Award was not correct and suggested somebody else, addressing the president on this matter. 

- And, actress Harika Avcı explained how her lawyer had defrauded her and asked for help from the president.  

As one can easily see, the people of this land think that each problem, including the economy, unemployment, justice, real estate, sports, culture and arts, can only be solved if the president is informed. 

Well, maybe they are not that far off. The president is interested in a lot of different topics and a lot of details. In my opinion, he and I are very much alike on that matter. When we are shooting a TV series, I am obsessed with accessories in the décor, the cleanliness of the couches in the actors’ room, with anything that is not my business. Write it, act it and go home, right? Not for me.  

One day when one of the actors told me that lunch was bad that day and that I had better solve it, it dawned on me. If you collect all the powers in yourself, then you would be responsible for everything. As a matter of fact, the best is power without responsibility. 

Our president today has full power but I don’t know how they are sharing the responsibility. Well, I am the citizen, I have some wishes: 

Mr. President, I am addressing you from here: 

I want TV serials to be 60 minutes long. 

Women of size 34 should not be allowed on the streets.

The climate should change; it should be Mediterranean all the time.

People should hold hands and make daily lives a festival. 

Please, sir, it is only you who can manage all this. Maybe there are people in official positions who are responsible for these, but I think all the power is with you. You would be able to solve my issue, only you. 
Respectfully submitted for your review, sir.