Fires in Greece, compassion on our minds

Fires in Greece, compassion on our minds

We have started to see these profiles in the course of the past few years.

They are away from humanity; from mercy, compassion. They are devoid of empathy. They rejoice from disasters. In their view, all who do not think like them deserve all kinds of injustice, pain, oppression; they deserve suffering from illness or disasters.

They keep attacking on social media from where they sit, probably to please each other. And if this is not the case, then these are people who have the potential to commit all types of crimes as aggression, hate, anger have become their water and bread.

They rejoice to the illness of celebrities whose views they do not share; they could even belly dance to their death. These are sick-minded people who rejoice and applaud disasters that hurt another country’s innocent citizens.

We have seen the last example in the disastrous fire in Greece. The death toll has gone beyond 70. Babies have lost their lives. Animals have died. An important part of nature, which we all benefit from, has disappeared; in addition, this is a part of land that is very close to us.

At least shut up! Don’t write messages like “well-deserved.” If you are devoid of the feelings of compassion and mercy, at least be refined and learn to be polite.

If you cannot be any of those either, you should be ashamed and be afraid of sinning. These are not people who have died in a war between Greece and Turkey. These are simple, ordinary people.

I cry out and feel devastated for all the Palestinians who are slaughtered in demonstrations by Israel, who does not seem content in keeping them under oppression. I also feel sad because of the fire in Greece. My eyes fill with tears every time I see the looks of Omran Daqneesh, the young Syrian boy who seems to have internalized the pain. I cry recalling the calm posture of this little boy, who survived a bombardment of airstrikes in Syria.

I also cry for our martyrs, for those who have lost their lives in the train disaster in Çorlu.

My heartaches for the 130 innocent people who died in a terror attack one night in Paris.

Trust me; if you have a heart, it is big enough to be saddened by all the pain inflicted on human beings without discriminating and big enough to feel joy for all the happiness.

But that is of course, if you have one..

The plight of doctors

As if the stress of their profession is not enough, now the lives of doctors are in danger. Some who do not like the treatment or the approach of a doctor or nurse, who think there are other miraculous medical solutions have started to attack and beat doctors.

Apparently, this is not a phenomenon only in Turkey.

Seeing that thousands of people working in the health sector are being assaulted by patients’ relatives, the health minister in Queensland Australia decided to show no tolerance to “physical and oral attacks,” and passed a law doubling the prison sentence to 14 years for those who attack health personnel.

And the caption on the ad showing a person behind bars reads: “If you think it’s okay to assault a nurse, doctor or ambulance officer, we’ll give you 14 years to think again.”

Isn’t it excellent?

Gülse Birsel,