Educational changes make you feel you’re on a roller coaster

Educational changes make you feel you’re on a roller coaster

Students who began eighth grade on Sept. 18 will be very well prepared for life.

No certainty.

Anything could happen, at any time.

No plans, no order. The future is bleak.

Well, such is life.

Intelligent students who aimed to go to renowned schools, I’m talking to you! Your life just became a gamble.

According to what politicians are discussing nowadays, such schools will have their “own” entrance exams, prepared by the Education Ministry.

Looking at what’s happened with the Transition from Primary to Secondary Education (TEOG) exam until now, let’s see how the “success” criteria will be shaped this time around.

Well, of course, those schools may not have their own entrance exams and tomorrow politicians might decide to go with an interview-based admission system. Who knows? How exciting!

You, the one who would normally end up in one of the well-known Anatolian high schools, just might have to go to the religious vocational imam hatip school just because you live in that district. And, the way I see it, that is what awaits us.

Your intelligence or hard work is no one’s concern. What matters is where you live! You will be placed in a school based on your address. I guess your destiny calls for you to learn Islamic law. So, take a seat and send your grateful prayers. 

Or, you, the one who aimed to attend an imam hatip school, might not be able to do so.

Surely, the real estate market will be heavily impacted by these developments... So, dear parents, where do you choose to live? Your home’s address will be of utmost importance when shaping your child’s future.
If I were you, I would make a list of the top schools and move to one of those neighborhoods, though that might mean a smaller house and a broken budget for your family.

There’s not much you can do. Your child’s future is based on this and it’s a decision parents have to make on their behalf.

Hooray! What a revolution. The education system is now based on where you live and not talent or intelligence.

Why don’t we give this a try? If it doesn’t work out, we can just consider other options and try something new tomorrow... Because we’re the wild ones, the revolutionaries.

Wondering what school your child will attend is quite exciting, no? It sure is.

Students who are inclined to study literature placed in science schools, students who are not good in math ending up in science schools, potential mathematics geniuses excelling in reading Islamic verses as graduates of imam hatip schools.

Such is life.

There is a saying: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” This certainly applies to the Turkish education system.

“The Turkish education system is what happens to you while you prepare for what was previously asked from you.”

And that is how we prepare children for unpleasant surprises, disappointment, a waste of their talents, injustice; pure nonsense. That is how we prepare them for all kinds of horrible scenarios in their future.

Marvelous idea. And not one of you is seeing the blessing in disguise in this: The Turkish education system now prepares you for life! 

And why are you so negative? It’s exciting, full of adrenaline, surprises and uncertainty. Baby, the Turkish Education Ministry is a ride at an amusement park. Enjoy it! That’s what we asked for as a nation, didn’t we?

How can I be sarcastic in this matter? In our times, both private and state-funded Anatolian high schools simply had entrance exams. Those were the times when the very intelligent went to science schools, the ones who had lower scores went to regular state schools and those who chose to do so went to imam hatip schools.

I was admitted to an Anatolian school at the time. I studied and finished it. Clean. Done. Didn’t have kids.

My nieces have grown up. They are employed. I’m just chilling, to be honest. What I mean to do with all this joking is to cheer up those of you going through this.

What else can I do at this point?