Easy formula for ‘political’ happiness

Easy formula for ‘political’ happiness

The internal fights within the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) have now reached a level that will lead me to explode!

I watched, listened to and read their points for a while. They cited such futile details on how and why they were not able to come to an agreement and after a while the discussions started sounding like “blah blah blah” to my ears, and then, “blop blop blop.”

The last “blop” is the sound effect of the republic’s founding party drowned in details they were unable to agree upon. Even though fun was intended, it’s actually very sad, as tens of millions of people – including myself – are not actually politically represented in this country.  

This country is made up of 75 million people who are different from one another. In my own family, people vote for three different political parties. The administration of a country does not necessarily have to contain love, hatred, moods or scented kisses… Even if 75 million hate each other, there are still principles and justice, which protect and make everyone equal. 

Make the people believe you will adopt these universal principles and that you will apply them in the best manner, then win. As long as you believe in democracy, then who cares about your trivial personal opinions? As a politician, your duty is to represent all these different minded people equally, freely and in fraternity.

Look where we are: Liberty, equality, fraternity; these concepts derive from the French Revolution. The third presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş actually manifested these concepts through his speeches, which led him to doubling his votes. If people did not have “Kurdish nationality” fears ingrained within them, if people really believed Demirtaş would embrace the entire country, then he would have multiplied his votes by five. 

The issue does not lie in the trivial. The country is complaining about inequality in opportunities, justice and rights, while there are other major issues facing our country, such as the income gap and nepotism. So, what do we want? Firstly: Equality.

There are concerns about interference on lifestyles. The Alevis are worried and the voters are almost screaming, “With education and culture politics, the country is being tilted to one side. The indispensable principle of secularism is being forgotten, the lack of which is burning the Middle East.” During the Gezi protests, so many people took to the streets with these fears. What is the solution? Well, “Freedom.”

Respecting each other’s values, not calling each other names, believing that the Kurdish language, the Turkish flag, Atatürk, cemevis (the worship places of Alevis), mosques, all represent this country and are worthy of respect and kindness are all important factors in promoting cohabitation. Standing shoulder to shoulder with people who hold different values, embracing and sharing the least common denominators on the same land; never thinking their values are violated and thrown aside… Here it goes “Fraternity.”

To make a long story short: You and I may be very different, but we should be equal.
You and I, even if we hate each other’s preferences, we should be free in our choices.
You and I should respect each other and live in brotherhood in the same land.

Therefore, a political party should not discriminate “You, I, us or them.” It should say, “You and I and also justice: that is all.”

When this is solved, do you know what is left? It is only the corporate management, known to all. What would we want in our own company, our workshop, store, cooperative, building or on our filming set? We would want a sound organization made up of experienced, hardworking people. Also, production, a system that does not fail, correct decisions, welfare, humane conditions, cleanliness, good crisis management, a staff who works without fighting, who does not steal… A smart, constructive, ever-developing mechanism that also contains justice. That is all…

Well, if you are not able to do even this, then do not run for office…