Domestic politics have turned into a TV show

Domestic politics have turned into a TV show

They are all pitted against each other. A war for power is going on.

Ever since the June 24 elections the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) in-house issues have deepened. If they were a TV series, I swear I would’ve been bored already. This is not bearable even during the summer — when you don’t have much to watch on TV.

I’d like to tell the CHP: You happen to be a well-established party, pull yourself together!

Complicated plots, cheap rumors, insults… Do we have to know about your internal arguments, divisions, and what those pitted against each other are saying?

This is the worst that can happen to a well-established company. That makes it lose its value in the market. The sentence “There is disagreement between the CEO and the CFO” gets immediately denied, a statement is issued immediately that everything in the company is going well and in total harmony. PR works are done within this framework.

Leave aside a company. Even when there is a shooting of a TV series or a film and when two actors are quarreling on set, the film sets send messages out, saying: “These differences in views are only natural in a stressful work environment. We are a family, we love our jobs and we work together in full devotion.”

If you happen to be two sisters running a shop, you stop quarreling when a client enters the shop and you start smiling.

But you happen to be a political party. You are not some kind of a newly emerging pop star, a football player who can’t manage his PR relations or a film star in his/her 20s trying to make news by making private life go public. Why should we care about your quarrels? This summer, instead of female celebrities seen on beaches with their cellulite and stretch marks, it has been you, the CHP, that has been dominating the news.

Dear CHP, discussions, debates, criticisms, and the war of words should not be amongst each other, they should be with other parties. You look far too disoriented.

NASA and the extreme weather conditions

Dr. Timothy Hall from NASA commented on the floods and storms that have become a frequency recently in Istanbul particularly. “You will come across these extreme weather conditions much more frequently. You will feel the effect of global warming most in the cities. This is because of constructions.”

I think he is an ill-intentioned personality. In fact, he brags to us sitting in New York in Manhattan amid the concrete jungle.

This is a planned attack on the Turkish construction sector. What are we supposed to do? Build our homes from bamboo? Can’t the lunar eclipse be the cause of the severe weather condition? It just took place recently in Turkey. Doesn’t he follow the recent events?

He says the effect of warming will be felt most in the cities.

Well of course. That’s because of the air conditioning. As they take in the cold air and blow out the hot air, air conditioning warms the streets. This is only natural. Dear sir, you should examine the cause-effect relationship. Don’t be jealous of our level of development!

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