Will THY hear the voices of these pioneers?

Will THY hear the voices of these pioneers?

In the western province Muğla, the local tourism managers and hotel owners association, DOKTOB, took matters into their own hands after realizing that the doors of Europe were shutting down. They turned their eyes to other and distant regions. 

They went to India. I call these guys “tourism pioneers.” They very well know that this business cannot be promoted by just a poster of Ölüdeniz from Fethiye.  

They went to new continents like explorers. They held long meetings with agencies over there. 

They were hosted by the director of India International Travel & Tourism (IITT), Manish Gandhi. They invited him to Muğla. 

The heads of unions of leading tourism agencies agreed to come to Turkey. The aim was to open the doors that started closing in Europe to Asia and India. 

DOTKOB made serious preparations for guests to come from India. 

But then, what’s this? A last-minute problem occurred. There is a visa requirement for Indian agencies. There is also the visa fee. Then there is the ticket prices of Turkish Airlines (THY). This costs about $750 per person. 

Now, the tourism explorers are working hard so that there would be a price and fee reduction for visas and tickets. 

Guys, in India, there are 60 million people with passports. Each year, 18 million people go abroad for vacations. The number of Indians coming to Turkey for vacation is 80,000. 

Among the 18 million, we have a share of 80,000. Isn’t there something wrong in this?  

While doors in Europe are closing, can’t they open to Asia, India and China? 

But, if we continue with our current visa and ticket regime, won’t we be shooting ourselves in the foot? 

This is a call to our Foreign Affairs Ministry and the administration of the Turkish Airlines. 

Extend a hand to these tourism pioneers. 

Secrets of the ‘Cosmic Room’ 

These countries have the most effective intelligence services in the world. They are saying, “We have not been able to see any sign of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) being behind the July 15 coup attempt.” 

Isn’t it a bit naïve to ask “Where is justice?” in the face of this statement? 

I am really curious. How much intelligence has been leaked abroad from the FETÖ members who have been situated in the most sensitive positions and boards of the state? 

I’m talking about those people who fabricated suspense about an “assassination plot against Bülent Arınç” and then entered the most sensitive institution of the Turkish state, the “Cosmic Room.” I wonder where the information collected from there has been given to. National projects, secret operations, and I wonder what else has been leaked; maybe relations with Syria, the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks incident? 

How were the records of the meetings MİT conducted with the European wing of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leaked and publicized? 

Let us stop being naïve. Let us stop saying, “How come they do not see this when so many incidents are obvious and when there are so many confessions?”

Is it possible that they don’t see it? Of course they see it. Have you ever seen, until now, any intelligence organization that has accepted its spy who has been caught? 

Which state has accepted its espionage or its spying activities? 

One has to be realistic; we have to look inside first. This is pure betrayal. It is that simple. Do you understand now the secret behind the “Cosmic Room” investigation?