The secret of the Russian soldiers in Qamishli

The secret of the Russian soldiers in Qamishli

Russia has sent expert soldiers to Qamishli in Syria on the Turkish border. It is enlarging the airport in the region. This is a sign of only one thing... 

Russia is establishing a dangerous military base to the south of Turkey. Its aim is to provide military and logistic support to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).  

Russia will try to build an “autonomous Kurdish zone” in the north of Syria on our border. From there it will support terrorist activities in Turkey as well as urban clashes. It will also form a protective shield against certain threats in the region. From now on, any firing there will be considered firing against Russian soldiers. This is the secret of the Russian soldiers arriving in Qamishli. 

Its dream is to secure a pliant a northern Syria, like northern Iraq. It wants an air base like “İncirlik” in Syria’s north. This is the aim of the enlargement of the airport in Qamishli. 

This is imperialism’s unchanging rule: Use the dreams of local people as a “base.” Form an order of exploitation with “peoples” under its rule. The Soviets did this. Now Russia is trying to continue the tradition under Vladmir Putin. We know now that imperialism is neither leftist nor rightist. Russia is trying the same tactic in Ukraine, Georgia, Crimea and Armenia. In the Mediterranean, its target is Syria. 

It is using the imperiled Bashar al-Assad and is forming a base for itself across Turkey’s south; a base that will aggravate Turkey. This is a very dangerous game. 

Putin is defending the mortar shell that hit a school in Turkey’s Gaziantep. He will open new fields to provoke Turkey and will play numerous games. 

The Armenia card 

While Russia is supporting the PYD across Turkey’s southern border, further north it is supporting Armenia organizing attacks on Azerbaijan. 

It was not for nothing that immediately after Turkey’s downing of the Russian plane, Moscow announced that it would install an air defense system in Armenia. Russia knows Turkey’s sensitivity on Azerbaijan. More importantly, it knows the value of the Black Sea–Caspian Sea route as an energy corridor. It knows Ankara is cooperating with Baku on this matter.

So, how will Russia’s sending of soldiers to Qamishli be greeted? The relationship between the PYD and the PKK is well-known. The urban terror that the PKK wants to ignite in Turkey and its dream of autonomy are clear as day. It has been proven that the PKK receives logistical support from Syria and the PYD.

The PYD’s “canton model” is translated into “self-administration” by the PKK in Turkey. 

It is clear that Russia will train and equip the PYD on Turkey’s southern border; more importantly, it will be a shield for it. 

Will the U.S. react to this? If so, how will it react? Hasn’t it itself done a similar thing in northern Iraq by training the Peshmerga? Hasn’t it built an even larger base than İncirlik in the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) capital Arbil? Russia is now doing a similar thing in Qamishli. 

It’s clear that imperialist games on these lands never end. All kinds of scenarios are written over the dreams of people who have never even won their independence. 

There is only one country on these lands that has been able to fight against this scenario: The Republic of Turkey in its War of Independence. 

Now, non-NATO countries Russia and Syria are doing everything they can to undermine NATO member Turkey. We have no other option but to stick together. We have to cleanse ourselves of our anger and hate, because there is no other Turkey…