The country of female wolves and ululations

The country of female wolves and ululations

During Nevruz festivities, there was such a Turkey, such a country that was full of enthusiasm and joy.
The one and only glowing region, the geography of separate worlds and contrary voices…

Imagine that we are at the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) convention… MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli just spoke to his “fellow idealists…”

He is applauded. He also said “fellow of a common cause…” Again, he received applause…

And finally he said, “My Asenas” (Asena is a legendary female wolf in Turkish mythology)… Right at that moment, women rocked the hall; an enormous wave of passion filled the place, as all the “asenas” kept the entire audience standing for many minutes. The enthusiasm of the women surpassed all the applause.

And at the same hour, in the southwestern province of Diyarbakır’s town square, names are called from the microphone at the podium.

Applause, applause and more applause… But, when Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Deputy Group Chairwoman Pervin Buldan took the floor, the enormous ululation of women covered the sky…
An awesome fervor… The ululation of Kurdish women…

Yes, these were the scenes from Turkey this Saturday.

These women – they know both how to be a mother and fight for their ideals… They both have causes to achieve…

One makes the symbol of a wolf with her fingers, expressing her existence; the other makes the victory sign with her fingers, nurturing freedom…

But I know: There is a hand which these fingers belong to and the name of that hand is Turkey. That’s why I kiss that hand, and touch it with my forehead in the traditional salute of respect.

Is this the reason why Fidan wanted to quit?

The question is this: It was of course Tayyip Erdoğan who took the biggest risks of the resolution process. Well, what has happened now that he is opposing the 10-item declaration the government developed with Öcalan?

Moreover, why does he find it wrong that the person closest to him, Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan, made a joint statement announcement with Sırrı Süreyya Önder at Dolmabahçe?
And again, one of the closest people to him, Efkan Ala, was also present there. Why was he not informed about it?

Another question: Why is Erdoğan taking a risk, warning about these developments?
Let us think out loud now to find the answers to these questions.

The resignation of National Intelligence Organization (MİT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan surprised all of us. After taking all those risks, why didn’t Hakan Fidan, at this most important moment of the peace process, want to be present in the picture of the Dolmabahçe declaration?

We asked that question on that day but couldn’t get an answer. Fidan’s excuse of “I was tired” was not quite adequate.

Now, I am wondering whether Fidan opposed such topics as the 10-item declaration and monitoring commission. Did he leave his position because of that?

Now, he is back in his position. Could it be that his reservations are now being expressed by the president?

This is the critical question. Otherwise, why would Erdoğan, the architect of the process, feel the need to state these sharp warnings publicly?

And indeed, how can we explain that Deputy PM Bülent Arınç has interpreted Erdoğan’s warnings as “his personal opinion?”

This “segregation” that has emerged at this phase, when the biggest issue in the republic’s history is about to be peacefully solved, cannot be ignored.

If Erdoğan is making these warnings publicly, then there should be an answer to it.

And I want to warn on behalf of peace: Expecting a crisis out of this segregation does not make anybody happy who loves this country.

Most importantly, in such a process when the bloodshed of 30 years has come to a stop, history will not forgive those who want to play the “drum of a crisis” for political reasons.

For this reason, we should try to understand calmly. Because now we have stopped firing bullets; we have entered the era of handshakes.