‘Reopening talks with Armenia’

‘Reopening talks with Armenia’

I was able to learn later that Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu had tested the waters for a very important “peace attack” during his last trip to Azerbaijan. It was about restarting talks with Armenia, some kind of moderation with Armenia and maybe opening the borders, as well as ending the crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia. 

This is a very meaningful initiative after the normalization of ties with Russia. In other words, it is exactly as it was said: “Increasing our friends…” 

As a curious coincidence, I had such a conversation with Çavuşoğlu on the evening he flew from Baku to the Black Sea city of Samsun on July 15. I said to him, “The crisis with Russia is being solved… friends are increasing.” He replied, “Yes, look how many other good things are about to happen. Believe me, there will be much good news for peace.”  

Upon my insistent questions, the minister said, “You should wait and see.” 

These words of Çavuşoğlu’s were in my mind, but with the heinous coup attempt these words flew out of my mind. 

In Samsun’s city square I stayed up for the “democracy guard” with Çavuşoğlu and Youth and Sports Minister Kılıç until the early hours of the morning. 

Later, as the dust was settling, I again remembered the minister’s words and did some research.  

After solving the Russian crisis, following this convergence, Turkey was preparing for a very important “peace initiative.” 

In other words, I learned from my diplomat friends that Çavuşoğlu had conducted the initial talks of this peace initiative on July 14 and July 15 in Baku. He was testing the waters in Baku for a renewed and comprehensive peace search with Armenia. Also, there is a positive trend. The platform is ready for more advanced phases. That was the happy mood he was in when he arrived in Samsun…” 

This was the meaning of the words Çavuşoğlu uttered in Samsun when he said, “Much more beautiful things will happen.” 

Look at the turn of events…

While the government was starting a peace initiative, while it was engaged in trying to create a peace calendar with Armenia through talks with Azerbaijan after Russia, the traitors launched a war against democracy domestically.  

Imagine a foreign minister who launches a quiet contact for a historic peace initiative for his country and comes home with huge excitement, breathing a sigh of relief for peace, and encounters such cowardice.
It is hard to believe. It is a note in history, a shameful one… And if we are to look ahead instead of looking back, while justice conducts its work, the state will indeed continue with this “peace.” 

Which side was Gen. Öztürk on? 

There are several statements and stories being told about Gen. Akın Öztürk and which side he took. The facts are that the air chief marshal was at Akıncılar Base and that base was the center of the coup plotters.  

The persuasion matter, I did not quite understand. It is not clear who was persuading who. So I am saying we should all wait carefully and patiently.

As a matter of fact, a deep-seated betrayal has been disclosed. Let us see how far these roots go…