Quite the right time for Turkey

Quite the right time for Turkey

Very positive messages have been coming from Ankara’s political circles for the past week. 

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu shaking hands is the most distinctive sign of this development. There are signs of positive attitudes from Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli also. If only the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) would adopt a stance against Kandil and shake hands with democracy.

Well, for this reason, I am saying that now is the right time for Turkey to show those who want to portray Turkey to the world with coups, wars, terror and betrayal. 

It is the exact time to show what a true and democratic country Turkey is. 

I am scanning international news agencies and newspapers. It looks as if an opportunity has been grabbed by certain people who are trying to create an “anti-Turkey trend.” Unfortunately, there are many people in our society eager to join this trend. 

For this reason, I am saying, despite so much negativity and betrayal, this nation deserves a new civilian constitution.  

This nation deserves a democratic constitution because it has stood in front of tanks. 

It deserves it because it is shielding its body against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) traps…  

If the nation deserves this, the parliament of the nation has to write this new constitution. 

The best reply to those who want to show Turkey as “a chaotic country” is a new and civilian constitution… 

If the deputies did not leave the parliament building under the bombs of the putschist gang, I am sure they will be able to collect and build the will to draft this constitution. 

They did not leave that evening; they proved they were the representatives of the nation. If they also write the constitution, they will honor and crown the parliament and the future of our children. 

Here is my suggestion for a name for the new constitution: The constitution of the 1000-year-old fraternity in Anatolia. 

We set an example for heroism and democracy in this land with our Liberation War. If we set an example with a democratic constitution, how nice it would be…

Who’s anti-personnel? 

The anti-personnel mines seized from the PKK were Italian made. Let us not weaken the incident by just calling them “anti-personnel.” The personnel in this situation are our young men, the “Mehmetçik” serving in the army. They are our sons from Yozgat, Edirne, İzmir and Afyon. What you have named as “anti” is the betrayal of that gang who deems our sons “enemies.” 

Don’t just name it “anti-personnel” and move on…

Those “personnel” are our sons. 

For this reason, I am asking: How did those Italian mines reach the PKK terror gang? If there is a world institution monitoring international terror, they have to follow this up. The Italian government should follow this up. The European Union should follow this up.  

If you ask which EU, you have a good question. 

Is it Germany, which broadcasted the gang leader’s message from Kandil in a Frankfurt town square? Is it Belgium, where the administration allowed the erection of a PKK tent? Who will investigate where these

Italian mines are coming from?  

These are bitter truths that we have difficulty digesting.